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Innovative Health Care & Research

Burlington is known for being one of the healthiest communities in the country. UVM’s College of Medicine is the seventh-oldest medical school in the nation and has a long-standing reputation for educating exceptional physicians and fostering groundbreaking research. The University of Vermont Medical Center, College of Medicine, and College of Nursing and Health Sciences share a rich history dating back to the 1800s.

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Gain a Competitive Edge

Looking to do business differently and change the world? UVM offers a variety of advanced business and leadership programs to reflect the market’s changing needs, such as a Master of Science in Natural Resources with a concentration in Leadership for Sustainability. Our programs will give you the experience and tools to differentiate yourself in today’s competitive, global marketplace.

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Teach the Next Generation

Cutting-edge research, collaborative learning, and practical experience are at the heart of education and human services at UVM. Numerous programs, including teacher education, reading and language arts, and special education, are committed to diversity, inclusive education, culturally responsive instruction, extensive and field-based experiences in public schools, and service learning.

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Join a Vibrant Tech Hub

Burlington is emerging as one of the country’s most promising tech hubs, and UVM is playing a significant role. UVM is developing a state-of-the-art complex of labs, classrooms, and research facilities to establish a promising new academic and economic development vision for UVM. Our commitment to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is helping to meet the growing need for skilled graduates in the competitive field of STEM.

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Grassroots in Action

Vermont leads the country in direct-to-consumer farm sales and is the first state to require the labeling of GMO foods. It’s also a state that has pioneered the environmental movement by conserving millions of acres, banning billboards, and implementing thoughtful land use laws. The Green Mountains are where you’ll find a community of passionate and knowledgeable practitioners and scholars dedicated to a better future.

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Featured Programs


Master of Public Health

A graduate program that explores public health and policy issues while gaining a strong foundation in population health sciences.

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Post-Baccalaureate Premedical

A one- or two-year program designed for your needs. Classes are rigorous, and you emerge well prepared for professional programs.

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Around the World

Master of Science Leadership for Sustainability

A low-residency graduate program for emerging leaders to deepen their capacity to catalyze change and transcend boundaries.

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Think Burlington

The #1 College Town in America

Located in Burlington, Vermont, UVM is in the heart of Vermont’s largest city. The campus includes the historic University Green, the Dudley H. Davis Center, the Fleming Museum of Art, and the Gutterson/Patrick athletic complex. UVM is home to 9,958 undergraduates, 1,371 graduate students, 459 medical students, and 1,364 full- and part-time faculty. Our academic programs combine faculty-student relationships most commonly found in a small liberal arts college with the resources of a major research institution.

Who We Are

Burlington is known for being healthy, active, progressive, and community-minded. Home to the University of Vermont and Champlain College, Burlington is much more than your average college town. Its outdoorsy vibe, citizen activism, artistic flair, vibrant local food scene, proximity to ski resorts, and scenic settings along Lake Champlain make Vermont’s largest city a place worth exploring.

The Heart of Burlington

Church Street, in the heart of Burlington, is one of the most popular resident and visitor destinations in Vermont. The city’s brick and cobblestone pedestrian marketplace features dozens of locally owned restaurants, food cart vendors, shops, cafés, and outdoor entertainment. What makes Church Street unique is its universal popularity among locals, students, and tourists from around the US and around the world. Established in 1981, Church Street draws 3 million visitors per year to shop, dine, explore, and stroll.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Mount Mansfield. Lincoln Peak. Smuggler’s Notch. Need we say more? Vermont’s mountains offer year-round opportunities for hiking, skiing, and camping. Burlington is located an hour from major Vermont ski resorts that offer the best terrain in the East. The Long Trail, the oldest long- distance trail in the United States, is a 272-mile footpath that follows the main ridge of Vermont’s Green Mountains. It was the inspiration for the Appalachian Trail and crosses the state’s highest, most glorious peaks.

What Lies Beneath

Known as the “Sixth Great Lake,” Lake Champlain is 120 miles long and covers 435 square miles bordering Vermont, New York, and Quebec. The lake is perfect for sailing, swimming, fishing, and kayaking, and offers views of the best sunsets around. According to local legend, Lake Champlain is 400 feet deep in places—deep enough to harbor Vermont’s very own prehistoric monster, “Champ.” It’s also home to one of the world’s oldest coral reefs and is the final resting place for 300 historic shipwrecks.

What We’re Made Of

UVM was founded in 1791 and is the fifth-oldest university in New England. UVM is labeled as one of the original Public Ivies, a publicly funded university thought to provide a quality of education comparable to that of the Ivy Leagues. Much of the initial funding and planning for the university was undertaken by Ira Allen. Allen donated a 50-acre parcel of land for the university, which has been maintained as the university’s main green, where you’ll find a statue of Allen and the nearby Ira Allen Chapel.

Where We’re Going

UVM is committed to being a comprehensive, engaging, and compelling public research university. UVM’s new STEM initiative will bring a state-of-the-art complex of labs, classrooms, and research facilities to campus and establish a promising new academic and economic development vision for UVM. Our expertise in environmental studies, sustainability, and food systems will continue to give students a superior advantage in today’s ever-changing global marketplace.

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“Farming is such a dynamic, challenging, and interesting career path. Completing the UVM Farmer Training Program and meeting the genius farmers of Vermont opened up another world of opportunities for me.”
“In our college search, the first step was narrowing down the size of the school, and then the geography. We toured UVM and loved it, and the pre-college program was an excellent way to get a feel for the school and Burlington.”
“I was that person who was unsure about studying abroad. But I’m glad I took this opportunity because it helped me expand my perspective and gain some experience in a different setting.”
“I’ve developed relationships with farmers, done farm tours and visits, and truly feel that UVM has helped set me on a path to change the food system.”
“Anyone can do this, I am not particularly gifted but I put in the work to understand it. If you are committed and can take one bite at a time, recognize this is a decade long journey and enjoy it.”
“This is the course you wish you had completed five years ago. This course will provide digital marketing professionals with the necessary insights on today’s digital landscape, tools on how to develop an effective marketing plan and frameworks on how to approach, and solve, common marketing challenges.”
Julia Cosgrove Farmer Training
Liane Dobson Parent, Pre-College
Liz Hoey Travel Study
Rex Manchester Breakthrough Leaders
Major Doug Powell Post-Bac Premed
Erik Harbison Digital Marketing Fundamentals