Instructor: Tyler King
Start Date: Self-paced

Marketing has changed over the last 10 years. Consumers have more power than ever when it comes to what they see and buy online. It is now up to marketers to go beyond traditional advertising campaigns and find ways to build a relationship with their audience. And one of the best ways to do that is by telling a story.

This course is designed to help social media marketers understand the key components of storytelling and how they can apply these principles to their digital marketing campaigns.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Social Media Marketers looking to find new ways to create lasting relationships with their audience.
  • Public Relation Professionals who want to better understand the unique ways social media can be used to tell a compelling brand story online.
  • SEO Managers who want to find better ways to create content that will be shareable on social and increase engagements with the people who visit their websites.
  • Any Individual who wants to learn more about social media and the importance of storytelling in modern marketing campaigns.
  • Small Business People/Team Of One who need help jumping into the world of social media marketing.
  • Non-Profit Marketing Professionals who don’t have the internal support or resources to effectively share their story on social media.

What You Will Learn:

  • Identify who your audience is and what they want to engage with on social media
  • How you can use social media storytelling to create an audience who loves your brand
  • Know what kind of story goes on each unique social media platform
  • How to build a brand your audience will love and trust
  • Understand when to use copy and visuals to tell your story
  • How to incorporate influencers and customer stories into your storytelling

What You Will Receive:

  • Access to the Social Media Storytelling course materials (videos, readings, workbooks)
  • Weekly instructor presentation to review previous material, and introduce and explain new material
  • Discussion board for weekly assignments, along with peer and instructor support
  • Access to supplementary reading and training materials
  • Bonus Module: More Marketable You
  • Digital badge to easily highlight and communicate your expertise


This is a 4-week course to increase your familiarity with, and usage of, storytelling in your social media marketing campaigns.

  • Finding the Narrative in Your Marketing Campaigns
  • Understanding Personas
  • Structure of a Storytelling Focused Social Media Post
  • Visual Language of a storytelling on social media
  • How to Measure the Impact of your Storytelling
  • Capstone Project
    • Find a Brand/Product
    • Create a Social Media Campaign based on the story principles you learned during this course.

There will be a final project, occurring in Module 4, that will be a culmination of all module assignments, including objectives learned in Module 4.