• Science of Happiness II Course Availability: April 6, 2022

Instructors: William Copeland, PhD, and Andrew Rosenfeld, MD

In Science of Happiness I & II, we will survey the science of well-being with a focus on replacing the standard medical approaches of curing illness or reducing dysfunction, in favor of pursuits such as making meaning, pursuing goals, enhancing well-being, and fulfilling potential. To this end, we will explore the following facets of “happiness”:

  • The neuroscientific and genetic base of happiness
  • What distinguishes one happiness from another
  • How “happinesses” interact in daily living
  • What elements of happiness are changeable
  • How one would go about optimizing positive experiences in one’s life and/or the broader community

The course has an experiential design—it is essential that you are actively engaged in experimentation with these concepts, assaying the tenets, structure, and limits of your own happiness.

Science of Happiness I can be taken as a stand-alone course. To take Science of Happiness II, you must first complete Science of Happiness I.