Course Description: Young people entering higher education face a uniquely challenging set of social, economic, and environmental crises, and are eager to find ways to make a difference. At UVM, and in Vermont more broadly, reimagining the food system has become an avenue for meaningful and generative ways to tackle these issues. With an emphasis on community engagement in an academic context, this course introduces students to agroecology – an interdisciplinary approach to agriculture and food systems that works to build healthy, sustainable, and just human and environmental ecosystems. After participating in this course, students will not only have a strong grounding in agroecology and food systems, but also will be uniquely positioned to navigate the UVM landscape, to engage with community partners and organizations, to connect with Vermont as a source of learning, and to explore their role in meaningful social and environmental change.

Instructor: Tom Wilson, M.Ed., CELO Program Coordinator

Location: TBD

Dates: Hybrid (TBD on campus, TBD online)

Course Lab/Materials Fee: $50

Syllabus: DRAFT SYLLABUS — Intro to Agroecology & Community Engagement

Introduction to Agroecology & Community Engagement