The aim of this course is to introduce fundamental concepts in
Neuroscience. The course will be broken into four modules; 1. Electrical properties of the
neuron, 2. Synapses and networks, 3. Sensory systems, and 4. Beyond the cell. In addition,
throughout the course there will be a student-led discovery of expression, structure and
function of a gene of interest and how it relates to human disease. Lectures will be
asynchronous to allow students to work on their own time. I will be checking in to
blackboard several times a day during the course and will hold office hours on Microsoft
Teams. You can expect a response from me usually within a few hours or first thing in the
morning if you post later at night.

Instructor: Alicia Ebert, Ph.D.

Syllabus: 2022 TBA

UVM Summer Academy Experience: Introductory Neuroscience