Personalized Plan

A personalized study plan that adjusts to your strengths and weaknesses.

Course Materials

Every student learns differently, so we’ll give you the full complement of prep materials to help boost your studies. You’ll receive Kaplan’s best-selling 7-Book MCAT Subject Review, 400+ hours of online resources, over 10,000 practice items—including QBank to create custom quizzes—and an exclusive flashcard app.

This course includes:

  • Complete MCAT course, available recorded 24/7
  • 15 full-length practice tests
  • 10,000+ practice items including a Qbank
  • 130 interactive Science Review videos
  • The most available AAMC practice material
  • 540 hours of total instruction and practice
  • 7-book MCAT Subject Review set

Session Overview

Please click here to see what the course looks like from start to finish. Each session builds off the next, and the practice tests are sure to help you feel calm and confident come test day.

Registration Instructions

Please note, you will receive your access instructions to the course directly from Kaplan. Full refunds must be requested at least one week (7 days) prior to the posted class start date; none of the resources available through the online syllabus can have been used in order for the refund request to be honored. In the event that the In Person class is cancelled, or student is no longer able to attend the In Person class for which they originally registered, Kaplan will honor student’s request to transfer to a different In Person class schedule posted to