Instructor: Kary Shumway
Start Date: November 4, 2020

Course Description

With the growth of taprooms as a highly profitable business for many breweries, how can you maximize revenue opportunities and engagement with your customers?

In this course, you will learn strategies and tactics to increase brewery taproom sales and profitability. By creating financial scorecards, you will be able utilize key taproom metrics to benchmark and improve financial performance. You will learn how to create a chart of accounts to further measure and improve your bottom line. You will also learn best practices and how to utilize templates to help you project your taproom sales, margins, and operating costs.

Whether you are planning to open a taproom or have one currently operating, this course provides essential details to achieve financial success.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Implement specific strategies and tactics to grow taproom revenue
  • Utilize a sales growth model to measure and improve customer foot traffic and average spend per taproom guest
  • Create financial scorecards to measure results and benchmark against key metrics
  • Build a taproom financial chart of accounts, summary income statement, and balance sheet
  • Utilize templates to project taproom sales, margins, and operating costs




Current brewery staff and breweries in planning, including:

  • Brewery owners who are considering whether to add a taproom component to their business
  • Taproom managers who are looking for new ways to increase sales and profitability
  • Brewery financial managers who need better tracking and monitoring of taproom financial results