Description: As we move deeper into the 21st century, one thing seems certain: the state of the world is uncertain. Whether it be climate change, biodiversity loss, food insecurity, or pandemic, it is clear societies face numerous challenges that undermine human health and well-being. In this course we examine the roots of these challenges, focusing on climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. We will ask questions about how these two emergencies came to be, how they are connected, and how we might respond to them in just, equitable, and courageous ways.

This course offers an introduction to key concepts in the discipline of geography. Course materials reflect a range of concerns related to climate change and pandemic as well as diverse approaches to understanding them. Instruction is entirely online but will be interactive, discussion-based, and will draw on environmental data and creative concepts to strategize how to face forward and build better futures.

This is an online course. However, students should expect engaged and interactive course design that aims to foster community and deeper connections to the world.  Any inquiries can be directed to

Instructor: Harlan Morehouse, Ph.D.

Course Material Fee: $0

Location: Online w/ a Live Session to be determined at the start of class (instructor will survey students to see what time works best)

Syllabus: GEOG 095 Facing Enviro Futures Summer 2022