Course Description: In this course students will experiment with forms in which “the documentary” and “the creative” intersect. We’ll explore writing which informs on issues—social, cultural, and political—but utilizes a creative lens and techniques we may associate more commonly with fiction and poetry. We’ll experiment with literary journalism, the lyric essay, hybrid texts, and documentary poetry. We will examine the work of contemporary poets and writers in order to further understand our own work and the creative process. These writers will include Claudia Rankine, Ross Gay, Elizabeth Alexander, Diane Di Prima, and CD Wright. The class is organized around student writing, and we will workshop on a daily basis. Welcome to a community of writers. A dedication to craft, aesthetic innovation, and risk-taking is expected in this course. Vigorous and thoughtful class participation is required.

Instructor: Eve Alexandra

Course Lab/Materials Fee: $0

Format: Hybrid (On-campus TBD & Online TBD)

Location: TBD

Syllabus: 2023 ENGS 51 Writing the Real World with Creativity

Writing the Real World