Date: April 22, 2022

Instructor: TBD

Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Pre-Work: EQ Assessment

Cost: $599 (course + $100 EQ Assessment)

Strengthen Your EQ and Develop Social Awareness for Improved Performance

Technical know-how, subject expertise, and IQ only get you so far in business today. Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is the ability to manage your emotions and connect with others. This ability is critical in our culturally diverse, dispersed, fast-paced, global workplaces.

EQ: The Art & Science of Emotional Intelligence

This course focuses on both the art and science of emotional intelligence. Participants will learn the latest research and scientific advances in the area. Participants will also practice techniques used by actors to engage in active listening, connect to an audience, connect to their own emotions, and de-stress before a big event.

EQ: Just because you understand it does not mean you do it.

Most leaders intellectually understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence. They believe the idea and theory that they can become better leaders, parents, spouses, and friends by working intentionally to develop their EQ. However, many struggle to take what they intellectually understand about Emotional Intelligence and to translate that knowledge into new behaviors. This, therefore, is the knowing-doing gap.

In this is highly interactive course, Bob Anderson, M.Ed., CEO of 1Hero Sports, LLC will present the proven tools, strategies, and techniques he has used to assist thousands of C-Level executives and thousands of additional key employees (everyone) to move from an intellectual understanding of EQ to adopting and practicing new EQ behaviors that significantly increase their effectiveness and that enhance their life.


  • The difference between IQ and EQ and why EQ is a better predictor of success
  • How EQ is assessed and tested
  • The brain’s role in emotional functioning and how to “re-wire” the brain
  • How to lead people of varying demographics (cultural intelligence)
  • How to inspire and motivate rigid employees, family members, and friends
  • How to improve their health via proper emotional functioning/intelligence
  • Participants will depart the session with a clear understanding of the implications of pursuing EQ development in their professional and personal life