Course Description: This summer course exposes students to the interdisciplinarity of modern science through hands-on learning in labs, interactive lectures, engaged discussions with researchers and medical professionals, and a group project. COMU096 provides a comprehensive overview of the different approaches and strategies needed to understand human health from basic research to patient care and treatment. Students will explore, and refine, their interests in STEM, while developing an understanding of potential career paths to determine if a career in health or medicine is right for them. The selected focus for Summer 2023 will be metabolic diseases.

Learning Objectives: The course learning objectives are:

  • Grasp the complexities of studying human health and the necessity for different modes of intervention.
  • Appreciate the importance of transdisciplinary research for the understanding of, and development of treatments for human disease.
  • Identify career paths of interest within research or healthcare.
  • Understand and explore the skills, education, and experience needed for a career in research and medicine.
  • Meet and engage in discussions with basic researchers and medical professionals whose work directly relates to human diseases.
  • Practice critical reading, writing, and research skills in the context of a science-focused course.
  • Develop teamworking skills necessary for a successful career in research or healthcare.

Directors/Instructor: Delphine Quénet, and Stephen Everse

Course Lab/Materials Fee: $0

Format: Hybrid (July 3 – 13 on campus & July 15 – 28 online)

Location: (9AM – 3PM in MedEd 100 or Jeffords 125) & Online from July 15 to July 28 (both synchronous and asynchronous)

Syllabus: COMU 096 Syllabus 2023 coming soon

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