Instructor: Jed Singer
Start Date: TBA

Most of us are familiar with being on the receiving end of social media or participating regularly. Yet, how does a marketer design and implement an effective social media campaign? How do they select the right social channels for their target audience? How do they determine whether their social activations were successful, thus justifying more budget for next quarter?

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Learn the art and science of social media marketing through this 4-week course. Building on video lessons provided from Hubspot, UVM offers an intensive study of social media through the support of an experienced digital marketing Instructor who will support your studies. The Instructor will provide supplemental readings, assignments to apply strategies, personal insight into the field, discussions, and feedback to help you excel in social media marketing. If you are the kind of learner who wants more than a self-paced, do-it-yourself course, and thrives in an environment with coaching support from a subject matter expert, this course is for you. In addition, if you learn best in a community of other learners, this course provides ample support through specifically-designed discussion forums.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Digital Marketers looking to deepen their understanding of how to plan and execute a social media marketing strategy
  • Entrepreneurs who want to leverage social media as a way to gain market visibility, engage a target audience, and drive leads or sales
  • Individuals who wish to enhance their careers by gaining Hubspot’s Social Media Certification and maximizing their learning through application in weekly assignments

What You Will Learn:

  • Conduct a social media audit & develop a social marketing strategy
  • Build a social marketing roadmap & content plan
  • Integrate Social media with other channels, such as Email & Advertising
  • Apply social listening & monitoring for customer insight
  • Launch a social advertising campaign
  • Use social media to build one-to-one relationships
  • Measure your social media return on investment (ROI)

What You Will Receive:

  • Access to the Social Media Marketing course materials (videos and readings)
  • Weekly interactions with Social Media Marketing expert, Jed Singer
  • Access to discussion boards with regular interactions
  • Supplementary reading materials
  • Assignments to apply learnings
  • Bonus Module: More Marketable You
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Preparation to complete Hubspot’s Social Media Certification


  • Developing a Social Marketing Strategy
  • Social Listening and Monitoring
  • Building a Social Content Strategy & Plan
  • Extending Your Social Reach
  • Building One-on-One Relationships
  • Social Advertising Basics
  • Measuring Social Media Marketing ROI
  • Essentials for Continued Social Marketing Success