Curriculum & Attendance

The program will include the 4-week, fully online Wellness Environment Educational Institute, centralized curriculum, and support and resources provided through a shared program integrated network.

Upon completion of the 4 week WE-EI you will be able to:

  • Apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of building healthy brains using modern neuroscience to improve the academic and health outcomes of your students
  • Identify, create, assemble, organize and train the essential roles across various areas of your institution to develop and implement your WE program
  • Use specific tools and identify, plan, and complete specific action steps to develop a comprehensive Wellness Environment at your campus and online
  • Employ the centralized curriculum, support and resources provided through the shared program integrated network

Man riding a stationary bikeTo ensure a successful program implementation, CDE recommends a minimum of attendance by 4-6 key personnel. These include:

  • University Provost or Associate Provost
  • Director of Student Affairs
  • Campus leader and professor in Child Psychiatry/Neuroscience
  • Director of Residential Life
  • Also recommended: up to two additional staff from each institution (i.e. Admissions rep/additional faculty member)

Other roles would include:

  • Directors of Residential Education Programs
  • Residence Hall Directors
  • College Health & Wellness Center Directors
  • Directors of Residential Life
  • Student Affairs Administrators
  • Athletics Directors
  • Resident Assistants

Woman wearing a mask and holding a dog