The University of Vermont Continuing and Distance Education has partnered with world-renowned Pathstream and their high-quality professional certificates to help you earn career-boosting credentials in Tableau.

Over 1 million data analyst roles were filled in the last 12 months and jobs requiring Tableau skills are expected to grow by 35 percent.

Most job seekers (including recent college graduates) are unaware of and unprepared for the increasingly technological demands of jobs in almost every career—from project management to healthcare. Coupled with an economic recession, high unemployment rates, and a worldwide pandemic, the prospects of landing a high pay job—or your dream career— amidst the sea of applicants can be daunting.

Recognizing the technology gap between available market skills and the demands of the job market, the University of Vermont Continuing and Distance Education, in partnership with Pathstream, is pleased to offer The Tableau Data Analytics Certificate, a self-paced, non-credit professional development program comprised of three courses over 18 weeks to help students develop and master the data skills needed by over 45k companies.

Designed by learning experts to help students build marketable skills, the fully online Tableau Data Analytics Certificate courses will teach you to perform powerful data analysis, drive business decisions using Tableau and SQL, and gain analytical skills needed across a growing number of jobs and industries.

You will have access to:

  • 35 hands-on labs to practice data analysis
  • 6 projects and personalized feedback
  • 18 downloadable resource guides
  • Free access to Tableau, SQL, and other software
  • A dedicated instructor to support your learning
  • 10 hours of career navigation content
  • 1 free session of career coaching
  • Weekly job opportunities newsletter
  • A Certificate from the University of Vermont Tableau to share on LinkedIn