Many professionals report finding it difficult to work in ways which feel incongruent to their value system, ie. when organizations struggle to find adequate resourcing. Sometimes in these contexts organizational cultures develop which devalue the expertise of individual professionals, causing people to lose morale, or to feel disempowered, bullied or abused.

Is it possible to survive, and indeed preserve professional integrity in such potentially toxic environments or cultures? How might this be done? Are the only options to leave or to conform?

This workshop does not propose to give answers. Instead it will involve participants in critically reflecting on their experiences in a way which might help them to develop alternative ways of understanding their situation in order to develop potentially ways to work with it.

Participants need to be prepared to share a specific example of an incident which has occurred in their experience in order to practice critical reflection.

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About the Professional Education Series

Scheduled to launch in the summer of 2019, this series is offered for professional development (non-credit) and Social Work CEUs. Social Work Continuing Professional Education is in development to provide expanded learning opportunities for members of the community in topics of contemporary relevance to practitioners.  Expansion of workshop offerings is scheduled for 2020, following a wider consultation with community partners about what expanded offerings are needed.

This new Social Work Continuing Professional Education Series is designed to respond to ongoing development needs in the social work community, but also to update professional expertise in line with the Department’s transformative philosophy. The series will consist of a range of different programs, comprising workshops, seminars or lectures, and will aim to showcase speakers from broader national, as well as international contexts. Event content may challenge participants to delve deeper into topics, best-practice models, and innovations in the field of social work.

The Department of Social Work is the home of a Baccalaureate of Social Work Program and Vermont’s only Masters of Social Work Program, as well as the Child Welfare Training Partnership, which works to improve the quality of child welfare practice in Vermont. Faculty are known internationally for their work on transformative approaches.