Are all courses online?

Eight of the nine core nursing courses are online. One course, Health Assessment, is an intensive, one-week summer course taught at the Burlington campus in UVM’s state-of-the-art simulation laboratory. Dormitory housing and parking are available.

What about required non-nursing courses?

Per UVM policy, 30 of the last 45 credits toward the degree must be taken at UVM. Once matriculated in the program, you can take up to 15 credits at institutions outside UVM.

Are there clinicals?

Graduates of associate-degree nursing programs have already had most of the clinicals required for a baccalaureate. The only clinical not typically covered in associate-degree programs are Public Health Nursing and Chronic Disease management in the Community. Both courses are taught online and also have 42 hours of clinical experience in the community. You will work with course faculty to locate clinical sites near your home or work.

How long does it take to complete the degree?

Most nurses complete the program in three years, taking one core nursing course and one general education course per semester, including summer sessions.

Will I get credit for courses I have taken previously?

Upon admission, all students in the RN to BS Program are granted 34 nursing credits for having passed the NCLEX-RN and holding an active RN license. You can also transfer non-nursing credits from courses completed at other colleges. A minimum grade of C is required for a course transfer, and the UVM Office of Transfer Affairs must approve all transfer credits.

Which degree requirements have students typically completed already?

Most graduates of United States associate degree nursing programs find they have already completed a majority of the required sciences, psychology, human development, and several electives.

How much is tuition?

Details on UVM tuition and fees can be found on the Student Financial Services webpage. UVM Student Financial Services also offers a tuition payment plan.

Can I get financial aid?

There are many financing options available, depending on your individual circumstances. If you are eligible for financial aid, UVM Student Financial Services can give you further information and assistance. Call 802-656-5700 to speak with a representative.

Can I start in the spring semester?

You can take any required non-nursing courses in the spring and summer semesters prior to admission. The core nursing sequence must started in the fall semester. We’re happy to look over your transcripts and suggest courses you can take in advance.

What if I have other questions?

If you have further questions, please contact Margaret Aitken, MS, APRN, at Margaret.Aitken@med.uvm.edu or 802-656-5496.