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Advancing Health through Education: Innovative. Accessible. Worldwide.


The program’s mission is to prepare skilled and versatile graduates dedicated to improving public health through practice, research, education, and leadership.

The goals that describe strategies to accomplish the defined mission include:

Practice Goal

  1. Ensure graduates are prepared for public health practice

Research Goals

  1. Cultivate a scholarly program environment through active faculty research, scientific inquiry and scholarly endeavors
  2. Encourage student scientific inquiry
  3. Students gain a strong foundation in quantitative health sciences applicable to research and evidence-based health practices

Education Goals

  1. Increase access to public health education through quality online learning
  2. Develop a learning environment that promotes diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence
  3. Promote life-long learning


  1. Foundation of diversity, equity and inclusion
  2. Innovation in education
  3. Grounding in evidence-based public health
  4. Interdisciplinary learning and practice
  5. A culture of lifelong learning

News Spotlight

Jan Carney

On the Blog

Dr. Jan Carney: Social Distancing is a Proven Public Health Strategy

Over the past few weeks, the term “social distancing” has entered the public lexicon. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the globe, public health experts are urging social distancing as a way to flatten the curve.

Data from the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic suggests that strict social distancing slowed disease spread and decreased mortality rates by as much as 50 percent in cities that implemented those measures.

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