The program’s vision is to confront complex and changing public health challenges, promote public health locally, nationally, and globally, and create a health literate society.


The program’s mission is to prepare skilled and versatile graduates dedicated to improving public health through practice, research, education, and leadership.

The goals that describe strategies to accomplish the defined mission include:

Practice Goals

  1. Students and faculty participate in the dynamic practice of public health, whether in health care,
    government, non-profit, university, community service or other settings.
  2. Students enhance skills for life-long learning; graduates and faculty are versatile and
    adaptable to changing health issues and environments.

Research Goal

  1. Students collaborate and gain a strong foundation in population health sciences applicable to

Education Goals

  1. Faculty integrate interdisciplinary learning and practice throughout the curriculum.
  2. Students effectively communicate evidence-based public health information to diverse

Leadership Goal

  1. Students develop leadership, policy and advocacy skills needed to promote and protect
    public health in diverse communities.

News Spotlight

Kelsey Donovan

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Kelsey Gleason Donovan Joins UVM with a Focus on Global Health

Helping to teach public health in a refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border opened Kelsey Gleason Donovan’s eyes to the need for building capacity and empowering communities to improve sustainable health practices. Donovan, a New Hampshire native, studied at Cornell and Harvard and is trained in environmental epidemiology. The flexibility and innovation of the UVM Master of Public Health online program—as well as an opportunity to help build the program’s global health curriculum—drew her to UVM.

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