Essential Tools of the Trade

Instructor: Annmarie Curley

This seminar provides an overview of the core project management tools and techniques to effectively plan, manage, and control projects based on the Project Management Institute’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide).

In this seminar, participants will:

  • Create a project charter, work breakdown structure, realistic project schedule, and many other critical components of an effective project plan
  • Focus on the essential tools for the initiating and planning phases of these projects, though we will work through exercises in each of the five phases of project management
  • Learn how to immediately implement the key project management concepts in their workplace along with the tools and templates to apply to their projects

Planning a Project for Success

Instructor: Annmarie Curley

This seminar will teach participants techniques to plan, execute, and close projects successfully.

Through hands-on practice with real-life case studies, this seminar will focus on:

  • The practical application of planning a project for success
  • Effectively executing a successful project in an ever-changing environment
  • Evaluating the project in the closing phase to gather lessons learned
  • Using project management templates and learning the benefits of a consistent project management method

Managing Risk and Difficult Projects

Instructor: Ezra Hall

Even experienced project managers face projects that have gone off schedule, over budget, and out of scope.

In this seminar, participants will:

  • Develop tools and strategies for keeping your projects on track and your stakeholders engaged
  • Discover how to identify and mitigate the factors that put your project at risk
  • Learn how to better control and reduce projects risks by utilizing effective communication strategies, business process improvement tools, and change management practices
  • Discover how to better manage interpersonal communications and stakeholder relationships
  • Gain an understanding of how to anticipate and prevent problems, review and resolve challenges, and successfully execute projects

Managing Teamwork

Instructor: David Jones

A high-functioning team can achieve great things—far surpassing the combined output of its members working on their own, and outperforming what its most talented member could have achieved in the same number of total work hours. But all too often, to state what is painfully obvious to many, teamwork can be a source of deep frustration.

In this seminar, participants will:

  • Learn to manage and improve their teamwork experiences
  • Gain the skills and tools to make them more effective team members and great team leaders, whether as formal leaders or when informally stepping up as leadership is needed
  • Understand personality and decision-making styles, and those of team members, all of which can be used to enhance interactions with other team members
  • Learn how to run effective meetings, minimize constraints on team decision making, and deal with difficult team members

The topics and material covered in this session include how team size and diversity among team members influence team performance, and how to enhance team cohesion and establish positive norms about how the team conducts its work.

Advanced Tools and Techniques for Managing Projects

Instructor: Jean Kissner

Let’s face it: No project runs exactly as planned. Between scope changes, requirement changes, resource constraints, budget issues, and functional management changes, a project manager deals with project chaos on a daily basis.

This seminar will help participants:

  • Develop real-world skills that a project manager needs to tackle the many issues that occur on a project
  • Learn how to implement practical tools and techniques to manage the real-life challenges project managers face on a daily basis

In a dynamic learning environment with the Project Management Institute’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), participants gain the knowledge, skills, and new tools to apply directly to the workplace to manage projects even more effectively.