Kathleen Culver

Kathleen Culver is into her 35th year at Nokia, a Fortune 500 high-tech company based in Finland.  Her career blends passion for innovation with drive to solve real-world problems and focuses on transforming cutting-edge technologies conceived of in the lab into solutions for real people.   Some of these efforts had budgets in the tens of million dollars and used by multitudes while others had little budget but helped internal teams.  Key to the success of these efforts is Kathleen’s project management expertise.

In 2021 Kathleen launched the venture to fill a gap in Project Management training today:  providing Project Management education that is practical to use and not theoretical and not aimed to pass a certification exam


Kelly Lozo

Kelly has spent her career driving programmatic and development results for nonprofits, academic institutions, and small businesses across the US. As certified Project Management Professional, Kelly has successfully introduced and applied industry best practices to small teams to increase their productivity and efficacy. She is experienced in multiple aspects of supporting cultural, advocacy, and philanthropic missions through project management, event planning, relationship building, grant writing, and administrative organization.

Kelly currently works for UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine as a Grants Project Manager where she assists researchers in securing large, complex grant funding. She also uses her project management background to produce new plays in Los Angeles and teach a workshop series called “Get Organized! Project Management for Personal and Professional Wellness” with the nonprofit Rising Hearts. Finally, she is a founding contributor to, a venture that fills a vital gap in Project Management training today: providing Project Management education that is practical to use and not theoretical and or aimed at passing a certification exam.