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Terms and Conditions

  1. I understand that the comprehensive fee, lab, and other fees, if applicable, are payable at the full rate. Please see schedule for rates: Fall and Spring | Summer. The comprehensive fee covers the use of facilities such as the Davis Center, shuttle bus services, etc. These fees will be payable online via credit card through the myUVM student portal after you receive the billing notification to your UVM email address. 
  2. I understand that both Dual Enrollment and Academically Talented programs and their funding are subject to change. Dual Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis and funding may be used up during the school year.
  3. I understand that dropping/withdrawing from a course is a formal procedure that students must initiate per UVM’s course enrollment guidelines. Students who merely stop attending classes may receive failing grades or administrative “F’s”. I understand that I am responsible for any outstanding tuition and fees even if my child stops attending classes.
  4. I understand that transportation is the student’s responsibility and also understand that parking on campus is limited and requires a UVM parking permit. See the UVM Transportation and Parking web site for more detailed information.
  5. I understand that under the Dual Enrollment program my child is granted two vouchers, one junior year and one senior year.
  6. I understand that by registering for a University of Vermont (UVM) course I am influencing my academic future in that my grade will be transcripted (will appear on a UVM transcript) and transcripts will be required by institutions of higher education to which I apply in the future.
  7. I understand that I will need to provide mid-semester grades to my high school and will also need to request my UVM transcript once my course is complete and have it sent to my high school.
  8. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, I hereby grant permission to the University of Vermont to release information about my attendance, grades, performance, and student billing information to my sending school and the State of Vermont.  The purpose of this release of information is to keep the school and State of Vermont informed about my educational progress during the time that I am a participant in the Dual Enrollment program.
  9. I am aware of the add/drop and withdrawal dates for my course and will contact my advisor by the drop date if I need to drop.  You can look up your course at learn.uvm.edu to find the add/drop dates.
  10. I understand that by submitting course registration I am entering into a financial arrangement with UVM and I accept responsibility for all charges billed to my UVM account.I understand that my UVM bill will be posted online in the UVM Student Information System and that all billing notices will be sent to my UVM assigned e-mail address and that it is my responsibility to review my bill. You may wish to review the electronic bill due dates.
  11. I understand that accounts not paid when due are subject to a late fee and a hold preventing registration and access to grades and transcripts. Seriously delinquent accounts may be placed with an outside collection agency and/or reported to the national credit bureau system. I agree to pay all late payment fees, collection charges, attorney fees, interest and any other costs and charges necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due. More information about tuition, fees, and UVM billing procedures