Whether you are on your way to pursue a career as a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, occupational therapist, nurse practitioner or physician assistant, pharmacist, or physical therapist, UVM has a path for you.

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At UVM, we understand that everyone’s story is unique, and that everyone’s journey toward their education and professional goals is different. That’s why we’ve built our Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program with a variety of specialized pre-health tracks.

Choose the Post-Bacc Pre-Med track that’s right for you

Each of the Post-Bacc tracks is built specifically around your goals. Both for recent college graduates or for career changers, our Post-Bacc program provides you with the opportunity to pursue the science courses required for admission to medical or other healthcare schools.

Our pre-health advisors will also work with you to ensure you understand the curriculum, research, and patient care opportunities that will support your medical or healthcare application.

With our specialized pre-health tracks, you’ll get the education you need to be successful in your field of interest. Choose from:

Need help deciding what’s right for you? Our advisors are here to help.