Colin Anderson

Colin Anderson is a researcher in the Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative. His transdisciplinary and Participatory Action Research focuses on people-led processes of transformation for resilience, social justice and well-being. Colin works with communities, networks and organizations in social movements who are confronting intersecting crises and who are reimaging and building alternatives. He is committed to engaged and participatory research, learning and action in his methodology and pedagogy. This is anchored by a knowledge mobilization approach, which involves a political and social process of co-producing and deploying knowledge in processes of social transformation. He has worked in several contexts (UK, Europe, Canada, US, India, Africa and at the international level) focusing on agroecology transformations, territorial food systems, food sovereignty, the politics of knowledge, sustainability transformations, political ecology and related issues. Colin centers several key principle of critical pedagogy in his teaching: horizontality, collective critical thinking, anti-oppression, iteration in the design of the course itself and an ethic of care. In his courses, Colin invites students to co-construct a learning community that is challenging, relational, creative and fun.