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Fall 2022

Welcome to our OLLI St. Albans program! This semester our program will be ten presentations. The programs will be held on 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28, 10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, and 11/9 at Hard’ack Recreation Center, The Greg Brown Lodge, 179 Congress Street, St. Albans, VT.

All programs take place on Wednesdays at 11:00 am.

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September 7

Bees Besieged
Bill Mares, Author & Beekeeper

“The bees are the color; everything else is black and white.” – Kirk Webster, Bridport beekeeper.

Beekeeping goes back 10,000 years, but bees have been much in the news recently as a multi-pronged scourge has devastated many of the nation’s 2.5 million colonies. Meanwhile, hobby beekeeping has grown exponentially in the country.

Bill Mares, writer, and a beekeeper for 45 years, will tell of the origins and evolution of beekeeping, sometimes referred to as “farming for intellectuals,” with a particular emphasis on his new book, with Ross Conrad, and others, “The Land of Milk and Honey, a History of Beekeeping in Vermont.” (Green Writers Press).

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September 14

The Burlington Bike Path and Waterfront Park
Rick Sharp, Retired Attorney

Rick Sharp published the book The Burlington Bike Path and Waterfront Park, in 2019. It’s the story of the incredible metamorphosis of the Burlington Waterfront from an ugly industrial wasteland as late as the 1980s into the Bike Path and Waterfront we all enjoy today. It also includes the extension of the Burlington Bike Path across the Winooski River and the reclamation of the old railroad Causeway to the Lake Champlain Islands. Rick will also discuss life in the post auto era and what we need to transform our local transportation system to walkable/bikeable communities.

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September 21

A New Eye on the Universe
with Mark Breen, Sr Meteorologist and Planetarium Director

As you gaze into the heavens on a dark, crystal clear night, the stars seem to fill the skies. Yet our eyes see only the tiniest fraction of what is out there. To peer into the most distant corners of the universe, space telescopes – starting with the Hubble Space Telescope – have been looking at increasingly distant stars and galaxies. This year, the most sophisticated space telescope yet, the James Webb Space Telescope, (JWST) began sending the first images from its 21 foot diameter, gold-plated mirror. As astronomers fine-tune its capabilities, it will soon deliver images of objects 100 times fainter than Hubble can see. Mr. Breen will discuss space telescopes, the nature of the light they capture, and the latest images from the JWST.

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September 28

It’s Ghana Be Good
Hank Kaestner, Retired Spice Buyer and International Birder

This is a trip to the West African nation of Ghana. In the presentation, you will learn of the Ghana’s history (mainly slavery), culture, agriculture, tourism, geopolitical issues, and of course, lots of birds and wildlife.

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October 5

The Haunting Beauty of Sephardic Music: Songs for Voice and Harp
Melissa Ewell, Retired Music Education & Holly Raiche, Private Music Educator

The Sephardic people, who likely arrived in Spain during Roman times, were forced to disperse throughout the Mediterranean, the Mid-East, and Northern Africa. Although the diaspora is widespread the music reflects human conditions found in all cultures: loss, sorrow, anger, joy, and love. These rarely heard songs will be presented in the Judezmo (Ladino) language, a blend of Spanish and Hebrew. Translations will be provided.

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October 12

From Dirt to Iron
John Hart, Jr., Director, Sullivan Museum and History Center at Norwich University

St. Albans of the mid-19th century was not unlike many small, rural Vermont towns. Agriculture, minor industry, and trades were the main sources of income and by and large the main modes of transportation were by horse, wagon, or perhaps boat. When the Vermont Central Railroad relocated its hub from Northfield to St. Albans, everything changed.

By looking at St. Albans as a microstudy of the larger push to create a network of railroads through the United States, in particular the Transcontinental Railroad under the leadership of Chief Engineer Grenville Dodge, Norwich University Class of 1851, we can start to see how other towns along the railroad main-lines developed and changed throughout the last 160+ years.

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October 19

A Window into History
Ben Weed

Stained glass window restoration at the historic 1892 Enosburg Opera House.

A history, a family tradition and a new skill. An Enosburg native discusses learning the art of stained glass window restoration in a building steeped in town and family history.

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October 26

Songs of Vermont
“Banjo” Dan Lindner

“Banjo” Dan will discuss the process of songwriting as he uses it to compose songs based on life in Vermont and incidents in Vermont history, illustrating the talk with solo performances of several of his original songs.

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November 2

Finding Answers to Family History Mysteries
Christine Eldred

Is there a mystery or intriguing story in your family history? Perhaps you heard hints of a family secret from older relatives when they thought you were out of earshot. Perhaps you’ve been told about a crime, health condition, scandal, or betrayal but the details have been lost to time and your research efforts haven’t yielded much. Or maybe your DNA test results created new questions about your heritage and ancestry. In this presentation, you’ll learn a variety of approaches and techniques for unraveling a family mystery. Genealogists and family historians of all levels are welcome.

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November 9

The 60s and 70s in the Green Mountains, Back to the Land in Northwest Vermont
Jason Barney, Author and Historian

More than 50 years ago people came to Vermont in large numbers to live off the land. Many came from America’s cities, and most weren’t sure what they were getting into. With the help of Vermont “old timers” they learned to garden, can, and they participated in a specific and distinct part of Vermont’s history. Come and learn how Vermonters and hippies lived and learned together.

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