Sacred Harp Singing

Effective immediately, OLLI at UVM Sacred Harp Sings are postponed until further notice

Ira Allen ChapelEvery Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm
Ira Allen Chapel, University of Vermont

Sacred Harp is a traditional New England style of participatory singing that is both dramatic and beautiful. It has been described as a proudly inclusive and democratic form that is not geared toward performance but to the moment of the sing. Sung a cappella in four part harmony, songs are taught by singing the “shapes” and then the words. No experience is necessary. Loaner books are provided. Free and open to the public. Regular attendees are strongly encouraged to sign up as a member of the OLLI program, which sponsors Sacred Harp’s affiliation and use of UVM space.

If at any time in your life you have sung in a choir, group, to your children, walking around the house… you owe it to yourself to be at Ira Allen… any Tuesday. Listeners are also , welcome.

**On occasion our sing sessions are held in other locations across campus. If you plan to drop in please contact Anna May by emailing

Come and find your voice.

Call 656-2085 for more information.