Intro Module – The Learning Designer Mindset

  • Topics Include:
    • What you’ll learn
    • Why LD is more important now than ever
      LD as a way of life
    • Stories from LDs: Why we care?
  • Concepts Covered
    • Goals of course
    • State of learning design
    • Benefits of having an LD on staff
    • What is learning experience design?

Course 1: Learning Experience Design 101: Foundations for Success

Module 1 – The Learner Mindset

  • Topics Include:
    • What Motivates Learning?
    • Methods for Learning About Adult Learners
    • Let the Learner Lead
    • A Relevant Approach for Designing a Learner’s Path
  • Stories from LD: How We Get Into the Mind of our Learners
  • Concepts Covered
    • How to know audience
    • Learner profiles: adult learning vs others
    • Student-centered learner experience and diverse environments for learning (online, hybrid vs FTF)
    • Equity, UDL, LD vocabulary

Module 2 – A Practical Planning Process

  • Topics Include:
    • Flying by the Seat of your pants: Why It Doesn’t Work
    • A Walkthrough of the Learning Design Process
  • Stories from LDS: Process Lessons Learned
  • Concepts Covered
    • Organization key, online learning involves pre-planning, understanding the process, soup to nuts of course design/development, relevant examples.

Module 3 – Measuring Success

  • Topics Include:
    • What’s the Problem and How to Find It
    • Finding the Gaps – Knowledge and Skills
    • Beginning with the End in Mind – the Architecture of Assessment
    • Composing Good Outcomes
    • Stories from LDs: A Day in the Life
  • Concepts Covered:
    • Finding the root of the problem from industry and learner perspective. Understanding the importance of workforce skills and their alignment with relevant knowledge. Backward design approach, what makes good outcomes/objectives, mapping.

Module 4 – Collaborations for Success

  • Topics Include:
    • The Voice of Reason – An LDs Role
    • Working with Educators
    • Working with Everyone Else
    • Stories from LDs: Working with SMEs
  • Concepts Covered:
    • The LDs role with faculty, administrators, staff, & IT