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Leading Sustainable Innovation Professional Certificate

Leading Sustainable Innovation Professional Certificate Grossman School of Business

Leading Sustainable Innovation Professional Certificate Information

Innovator of Leading Sustainable Innovation Certificate Program Matt Mayberry Helps Companies Lead Change and Embrace Environmental Sustainability

Transforming a conventional business into a sustainable one is no easy task.

All too often, managers and supervisors have difficulty anticipating challenges and are unable to see the bigger picture or know how to make a difference in the world.

Creator of UVM’s Leading Sustainable Innovation Professional Certificate program, Matt Mayberry is trying to change that by helping professionals expand their perspective. His goal is to help leaders anticipate long-term consequences of business decisions, enhance their collaboration skills, and develop both sustainability and financial acumen.

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Sustainability in Business: Seventh Generation Brings Sustainability Home

Nurturing nature, enhancing health, building communities, and transforming commerce, those are the four aspirational goals for sustainability leader, Seventh Generation. Learning from examples similar to Seventh Generation is what makes UVM’s online Leading Sustainable Innovation Professional Certificate so relevant in today’s marketplace. Combine that with a unique simulation-based approach that will teach participants how to collaborate, find new sources of innovation and create added value, making this course a critical component to learning how to lead sustainable innovation and change.

Read more in this Q&A from Maureen Usifer, the former Chief Financial Officer of Seventh Generation.

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Why Simulation-Based Training Enhances Leadership Skills

If you want to hone a skill or excel at something, learning by doing is a must.

While hands-on experience is essential for developing leadership skills, gaining that type of valuable experience doesn’t just need to happen at the office or in the boardroom. Simulation-based training is another way to enhance leadership skills, and professionals interested in sustainability and green business practices can find that type of training in an online program at UVM.

The UVM Leading Sustainable Innovation Professional Certificate is an eight-week online leadership program designed for those interested in incorporating environmental sustainability into their business decisions.

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"What I found most transformative was to experience such well-functioning teams. Although the program is entirely online, the simulation is built in a way that makes it virtually impossible to not work as a team, and the more integrated we became, the better the outcomes round after round. Contents are excellent and carefully curated, and the platform provides multiple opportunities for reflection, peer-to-peer discussions and self-assessments. Even if one has background in Sustainability, LSI will add knowledge and prime hands on experience on how to apply Sustainability concepts as part of the decision making process in a real-life scenario, with real-life complexities, constraints, and stakeholder management."
Iris Tebeka
Licensing Manager at Univation Technologies LLC
The Dow Chemical Company

"Insightful! Productive! The heart of the LSI program is the team-based business simulation which fosters a rich learning experience. The simulation facilitates opportunities to practice relevant course content and critical skills, like strategy alignment or triple bottom line management or systems thinking. The program helped me approach business strategy with a wider lens; with an eye toward looking for system interconnections."
Juan Adorno
Assistant Vice President
Legg Mason