David Låg Tomasi, PhD, EdD-PhD, MA, MCS, AAT

Dr. David Låg Tomasi

Dr. David Låg Tomasi is a philosopher, psychotherapist, author, artist, and faculty member currently working/teaching at the University of Vermont, UVM Medical Center, Community College of Vermont, CRAM Research Center, and Sofia University. Born in South Tyrol, the trilingual autonomous region of Northern Italy, Dr. Tomasi has received multiple degrees and awards in a broad range of research areas, including medicine, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, ethnolinguistics, and religion. He is an Associate Member and Community College Teacher Affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA), as well as a member of the Italian Psychological Association (AIPASS), the Italian Psychooncological Association (SIPO), the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health, USA, and the International Academy of Sciences, San Marino.

For the research study presented in his most recent book Medical Philosophy. Philosophical Analysis of Patient Self-Perception in Diagnostics and Therapy (2015), published by Ibidem Verlag / Columbia University Press, Dr. Tomasi had the opportunity to work with Dr. Friedrich Luft, Director of the Clinical and Experimental Research Center (ECRC), Charité University of Medicine, Berlin (Europe's largest university clinic) and Director Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) Max Delbrück, Berlin, Dr. Alexander Gungov, Director of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program at the University of Sofia, and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

His current research focuses on Critical Neuroscience, Traditional European Medicine (TEM), and the application of virtual reality and olfactory system stimulation for stress reduction. The grant-winning project "Exercise Enhancing Strategies for Patients in Inpatient Psychiatry” he developed with Sheri Gates and Tabatha Leahy was a 2017 recipient of the UVM Medical Center Fund. Dr. Tomasi also works with the scientists Goddard, Marini, Peeters, and Wierzbicka on the research “Linguistics interface: applying the Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM) to Narrative Medicine” and on multiple projects at the University of Vermont, in the areas of psychiatry, medical ethics, and integrative health.

As an artist, David Låg Tomasi has worked in European and American theatres, museums and private/public institutions with multiple media, including drawing, painting, photography, installation, performance art, video, theater, and music. Please visit the website: for more information.