HLTH 187 Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching Immersion Introduction 1
HLTH 188 * Motivational Interviewing Introduction & Lab 1
HLTH 189 * Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching Skills Introduction & Lab 2
HLTH 288 * Motivational Interviewing Advanced & Lab 1
HLTH 289 * Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching Skills Advanced & Lab 2
HLTH 287 Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching Immersion Advanced 1
HLTH 292** Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching: Practicum 2
HLTH 299 Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching: Building your Coaching Career 2
5 credits from the following:
COMU 122 Family Wellness Coaching 3
CSD 299 Autism Spectrum Disorders: Issues in Assessment and Intervention 3
HLTH 098 Restore, Rejuvenate, Energize 1
HLTH 101 Introduction to Integrative Health 3
HLTH 291 Integrative Health Teaching Assistantship Variable credit
HLTH 297 Integrative Health Independent Study Variable credit
HLTH 298 Integrative Health Teaching Assistantship Variable credit
HSCI 096 Introduction to Workplace Wellness 3
Other elective courses are actively being developed at this time Please check with Karen Westervelt for updates.

* HLTH 188, 189, 288, 289 have synchronous lab components to the class on Zoom.

**Course is highly recommended for students interested in taking the NBHWC National Certification Exam.

View the UVM Course Directory for descriptions and availability.

We are offering a Fall start cohort & a Spring start cohort:

  • Fall start = late August/fall academic semester, Spring start = January/spring academic semester

This is a cohort-based curriculum. Students are expected to stay with their cohort for the first year unless extenuating circumstances arise. Sophomore standing or higher required.

Recommended schedule for required courses that need to be taken in sequence:

First Semester: HLTH 187, HLTH 188 and HLTH 189

Second Semester: HLTH 287, HTLH 288 and HLTH 289

Students can now begin practicing coaching community members & have completed the required coursework to sit NBHWC Exam.

Second Year First Semester:  HLTH 292, HLHT 299, and electives. Register for the national exam if desired

Second Year Second Semester: Elective if not yet completed. Sit the national exam at testing centers located across the US.

Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching Sequence (Fast Track):

While 15 credits are required for completion of the UVM PACE Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate, only 8 credits (6 courses) are required for eligibility for the NBHWC National Certification exam. Students must complete and pass HLTH 187, HLTH 188, HLTH 189, HLTH 287, HLTH 288, and HLTH 289, plus have an additional 60 college credits from UVM or another institution – to be eligible to sit for the NBHWCC National Certification Exam. These classes MUST be taken in sequential order. Please note: HLTH 292 and 299 are highly recommended for students considering taking the national exam. The earlier this planning meeting starts the better.

National Certification:

Please note that UVM is a NBHWC Approved Education Provider. Every student who completes the UVM Certificate or meets the minimum eligibility requirements listed above will be eligible to sit the NBHWC National Certification Exam upon completion of 50 practice sessions (on your own).

The NBHWC requires students to have a bachelor’s degree or have completed at least 60 academic credits when applying for the exam. Please see for details about applying for the exam. The NBHWC Exam is offered three times per year at testing centers across the US.

As an approved educational provider, upon completion of the above-listed coursework and passing of the National Certification Exam, an individual can use the following credentials:

Juan Smith, NBC-HWC. (National Board Certified – Health and Wellness Coach)


Please direct questions to Kelly Tourville, Rowell 310 C


Integrative Health Program Director, Karen Westevelt,, Rowell 310 H.