(Select 2; sample courses)
(select 2; sample courses)
Applied Capstone
(select 2; sample courses)
Must take 5 courses; *Must select 3 of 5 from the core sequence: EDSP 6300; 6320; 6330; 6340 or EDCI 6310
EDSP 6300* – The Trauma Lens: Understanding core concepts of trauma and resiliency

EDCI 6310*: Society, Stress and the brain

Other classes with permission of CGS coordinator (EDSP 5250; 6320; CNSL 6770)

Pathway 1: Trauma-responsive and restorative practices

EDSP 6340*: Trauma-informed & evidence-based practices with children and families

EDSP 6180 (w/permission of CGS coordinator) Behavior Analysis in Special Education

SWSS 6300: Assessment in Social Work (MSW students only)

CNSL 6520: Assessment in counseling

Pathway 2: Family-School-Community & Interprofessional Collaborations

EDSP 6130: Collaborative Consultation

EDSP 6320*: Trauma-informed, resiliency based, and interprofessional practices in schools and social service agencies

Other classes with permission of CGS coordinator (eg. CNSL 6770; SWSS 6360)

EDSP 6330*: Resilience oriented systems change in schools and human service agencies

EDSP 6990: Social Justice Teaching and Advocacy

ECSP 6550: Implementation Science in Early childhood special ed

EDRM 6310: Mixed Methods Research

SWSS 6160: Integrative Approaches to Transformative SW (MSW students only)

CNSL 6991: Counseling Internship

Other classes with permission of CGS coordinator





Core Sequence Schedule
Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
EDSP 6330 (Core): Trauma Lens

EDSP 6320 (Core): Resilience through trauma informed, Interprofessional and family collaborative Practices

EDSP 6340 (Core):  Trauma informed prevention and intervention with children and families  EDCI 6310 (Core): Society, Stress, & the Brain

EDSP 6330 (Core):  Resilience oriented Systems Change

 EDSP 6300 (Core): Trauma Lens


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