Enrichment Learning Community

UVM Pre-College Enrichment Learning Community

The online Enrichment Community is designed to prepare students for college life and beyond by building study skills including writing, mathematics, and time management as well as developing meaningful connections with other students and identifying valuable University resources.

The Enrichment Learning Community provides students with academic success coaches, tutoring, career counseling and faculty support.

Students participate in workshops and seminars designed to support their academic success, as well as life skills such as organization, critical thinking, and community engagement.

Student success encompasses so more than just academic performance.

UVM offers numerous resources to support the holistic needs of our Guaranteed Admission Program students through our newly developed UVM Pre-College Enrichment Learning Community. Student supports include a learning community of peers, dedicated student advising  and success coaching, and so much more. This program is designed to help get you on—and keep you on— the path toward your bachelor’s degree.