UVM Resources

Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center offers over 30 hours of group and drop-in tutoring and 130 hours of tutoring by appointment each week. Come into the Tutoring Center to be connected to our free peer-tutoring program.

Student Accessibility Services

The mission of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is to provide accommodation, consultation, collaboration, and educational support services as a means to foster opportunities for students with disabilities to participate in a barrier–free learning environment. In addition, Tutoring Center has many academic support services to help students achieve their highest potential.

Student Wellness/Counseling Center

The Center for Health and Wellbeing offers the opportunity to learn about and achieve optimal health and wellness right here on campus. The staff consists of professionals specializing in health, counseling, and education, who have specifically chosen college health as their professional focus and are experienced in responding to the medical, counseling and wellness needs of today’s diverse population of students.

The Mosaic Center for Students of Color

The Mosic Center for Students of Color fully supports the holistic development of ALANA (African, Latino(a), Asian, and Native American) and Bi/Multiracial students so that, as confident students of color, they attain their goals for academic achievement, personal growth, identity formation, and cultural development.

Fitness Center/Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation at the University of Vermont is committed to making student participation in recreational activities an essential component of the UVM experience. By providing outstanding programming, leadership and facilities, UVM meets the recreational interests of the diverse student body. Efforts are focused on activities that create positive social interaction, opportunities for education and development, and promotion of healthy lifestyles among students, faculty/staff and community.

Student Clubs and Organizations

High energy and commitment characterize every aspect of life at UVM. The Department of Student Life along with the Student Government Association keep UVM’s student clubs and organizations running like well-oiled machines. Activities include community service programs, campus programs, Greek life, leadership, media, outdoor programs, intramurals, and club sports.