Guaranteed Admission Program


Who are GAP students?

GAP students are non-degree students preparing for successful undergraduate transfer admission to UVM.

As a GAP student, am I considered a UVM student?

Yes. GAP students are enrolled as non-degree students in UVM’s coursework.

Am I eligible to enroll in day and evening classes?

Yes. GAP students can enroll in UVM day and evening courses, with approval from their advisor.

Is GAP for Vermont residents only?

GAP is available for Vermont resident students and Veterans. Veterans do not have to have Vermont residency.

Can I request housing if I am in the GAP program?

No. On-campus housing is not available.

Can I be admitted to UVM if I don’t achieve a 3.0?

If you do not maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 as a GAP student, your UVM application will go through the regular transfer admission review process, and admission is not guaranteed.

Can I take courses at other colleges while enrolled in GAP?

Yes, but the courses on your GAP contract must be taken at UVM.

Can I take a course that is not part of my GAP contract?

Courses that are not listed on the GAP contract need to be approved by a GAP advisor.

I enrolled in UVM courses several years ago. Can these credits be counted toward my GAP contract?

No. You must inform your advisor of any coursework completed at UVM prior to establishing a GAP contract.

Must I select a major to enroll in GAP?

Each GAP contract is established for a specific major, even if you select an “undecided” major.  You cannot change your major during your GAP contract. However, upon admission to UVM, you can change your major in consultation with your Academic Advisor.

If I do not meet the requirements of my contract, am I eligible to re-enroll in GAP?

No. Students are eligible for enrollment in GAP only one time.

How often do I need to meet with my GAP advisor?

You are encouraged to meet with your program advisor often and are required to meet every semester, prior to registration.

Is financial aid available to GAP students?

  • Available financial aid: Limited Federal Stafford Loan funding may be available. In addition, parents of dependent students may be eligible to borrow through the Federal Parent PLUS Loan. Please contact UVM Student Financial Services for details.
  • Restrictions/requirements: Aid eligibility is limited to a single, continuous 12-month period. A student must be enrolled in at least 6 credits per semester to receive aid. Students who have previously received financial aid for non-degree coursework may not be eligible.
  • Get started: Complete the FAFSA online.

Are veterans able to use their GI Bill benefits as GAP students?

GAP students are considered non-degree students. This may affect eligibility to use the GI Bill and other benefits awarded to veterans. Please consult the VA for details on the types of academic programs eligible for funding. For more information about UVM Support for Student Veterans, please visit

Are UVM campus resources available to GAP students?

You will have access to a number of resources available to UVM students, including the library, athletic facilities, tutoring services, academic support, disability services at ACCESS, and other campus resources when you show your CATcard (the UVM ID). You can get your card free of charge after you register for classes.