Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

How do I order books?

Always check with the UVM Bookstore for current class texts. You can look up required readings and books by entering the course number on the bookstore’s website. You may also research availability on Amazon and other publishing outlets.

I have never taken an online class before.How can I learn more about Blackboard?

Please go to this link  and look at the Welcome to Blackboard at UVM box on the left. There you will find tips and tutorials to help navigate the Blackboard environment.

I’m sure the instructor has some criteria for preparing assignments. How do I know what to expect, and how much time should I prepare to spend on this course each week?

Each instructor will state all of their requirements in the course syllabus. Additionally please see the Guidelines for Online Coursework tab in this website.

How can I get connected with an ASHA-certified speech language pathologist in order to complete the observation and clinical hours required for the SLPA program?

If you need help finding licensed SLPs in your area, please check with Kate Ross at

Does completion of the SLPA program leave me with a license?

No, there is currently no licensure for SLPA’s in Vermont (although an SLPA licensure bill is pending in the state legislature). Some states do have licensure for SLPAs. Please check with your own state’s Department of Education or Department of Health or the ASHA website for state requirements for SLPA training. Currently each state is responsible for deciding their own requirements. The American Speech/Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) is currently reviewing possibilities for national certification for SLPA’s, but at present there is no national certification available.

You will be given a certificate of completion, which documents that you took UVM courses totaling 22 credits, and completed 25 observation hours plus at least 100 clinical fieldwork hours. This sequence of courses and experiences follows the SLPA training guidelines delineated by ASHA.

In order to become a licensed SLP you need to complete the Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders plus a Clinical Fellowship Year. Find out more here. 

I took some communication science courses at another institution. Can I transfer them into your program?

We do not accept transfer credits for the SLP or SLPA programs. All courses must be taken at UVM in order to earn your certificate. If you took prior courses at UVM they will count toward completion of either program along with a certificate. However some applicants do apply with the intent to take just the courses they need in order to apply to a Master’s program or seek SLPA certification in their home state. This is fine but a certificate of completion will not be issued. If you are planning to apply to a Master’s program at another institution, it is incumbent upon you, the prospective student, to check with your intended college’s or university’s prerequisite requirements. This will ensure that UVM prerequisites, and this particular online course sequence, meet the requirements for admission, as requirements vary from institution to institution.

How soon after I register is my tuition bill due?

Here is the student financial services link which explains registration dates and billing due dates.

Is this an accredited program?

UVM is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The courses you will take through this program are mostly 3‐credit undergraduate courses, transferrable at the discretion of the receiving institution.

I already have a bachelors’ degree in communication sciences. Can I skip some of the required courses and/or clinical work?

If you already have completed many of these courses and/or clinical work and you wish to complete ASHA’s suggested requirements for SLPA training, you may register for courses in the SLPA sequence if there is room, but a certificate will not be issued. Similarly, if you are lacking some prerequisite courses for entering a Master’s program, on a space available basis, you may be able to take some of our courses that serve as prerequisites for graduate programs. Again, a certificate will not be issued.

For more information about the UVM Communication Sciences and Disorders graduate program in Speech Language Pathology, please call (802) 656-3861 or email

Do I need any prior knowledge of speech language pathology to take part in this program?

Prior knowledge of speech language pathology is not required.

When are the start dates for the program?

Courses will be offered in fall, spring and summer for the SLP Pre-Master’s program. If you choose to take the courses necessary to become an SLPA, the semester in which to begin this program is spring.

Can the course be taken from anywhere, including outside the US?

Yes. You may access the online courses from outside of the US.

Workload and Schedule

What is the expected weekly time commitment per course?

Please see the Working Online tab in this website. On average, you should anticipate 8 to 10 hours per week for each course. While it’s necessary to stay current week-to-week with course assignments, you’ll have the flexibility to complete the coursework as your schedule allows. We recommend setting aside some time daily to complete readings, weekly assignments, and take part in online discussions.

What is a typical course load for the SLP and SLPA Programs?

Taking two courses per term is what we recommend and it is basically how the courses are offered. It is not possible to complete either program in two terms due to sheer volume of work and the way the courses are offered on a rotating basis in specific terms. Expect to spend 8 to 10 hours per week per course. While the courses are online and your work time can be somewhat flexible, we recommend setting aside some time daily to work on assignments, respond to discussions and do the readings.

Do I receive a Certificate if I complete either program?

Yes. You will receive a certificate for completing the SLPA program with required number of courses, observation hours and clinical hours. You will receive a certificate of completion for taking all six pre-requisite courses for the SLP Pre-Master’s program. 


Do you require academic transcripts or prerequisites for admission to the program?

We require copies of your unofficial transcripts.

What are the admission requirements for the programs?

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and a GPA of 2.75 or higher (cumulative or last 60 credits).

How do I apply to the program?

Complete a brief online application form

Do I have to pay for all of the courses up front?

Payment for the program happens on a course-by-course basis with the tuition bill arriving in your UVM email so please check email often. 

If I miss a semester of coursework am I still in the program?

If you miss 2 semesters of coursework your program account will become “inactive” and you would need to contact us for re-activation.

Are grants or scholarships available for the SLP Pre-Masters program?

Limited Federal Stafford Loan funding may be available. Contact Student Financial Services for details. Cohort members pay tuition at the UVM in-state rate and may view exact charges on the Student Financial Services website.

Can VA benefits be used to help cover costs of tuition?

The University of Vermont is able and prepared to certify VA benefits for the SLP Pre Masters Track. If you intend to use VA benefits for this program, please apply to the program and contact UVM’s Veterans Affairs Coordinator, David Carlson, via email at

What is the payment policy for this program?

Tuition bills are sent to each student via email to their UVM email accountgenerally within 3-4 weeks of having registered for courses. Billing issue and due dates may be found here.

What is the refund policy for this program?

You may drop a course during the first two weeks of the fall or spring term and receive a full refund of tuition. After that, the amount decreases to 75% and eventually 25% before all refund amount deadlines have been exhausted. In summer, due to the abbreviated nature of the courses, you have the first two days of the course to drop it and receive a full tuition refund. More information about add/drop dates may be found under each semester’s calendar here.