“I very much appreciate the learnings from this course. It will not only support me in my work with End-of-Life Care, but the learnings support me in being a kinder and more compassionate human. We could all benefit from this.”

–Jennifer F., 2022 Program Graduate

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Who is this course for?

We are proudly welcoming:

  • Aspiring doulas
  • End-of-life care practitioners
  • Family caregivers
  • Hospice and palliative care volunteers
  • Professionals who work in healthcare, mental health, social work, and integrative therapies
  • Spiritual care providers
  • All who heed the call to embrace dying as part of the natural life cycle with more compassion and knowledge

At UVM, we respect and honor the varied roles within care teams and communities. It takes a village!

This is a very popular course and has limited seats. We highly recommend registering when registration is open and available.

Meaningful, Compassionate Work at End-of-Life

Are you passionate about helping others feel empowered and well-supported during their times of need? Do you have an interest in exploring the emerging field of End-of-Life (EOL) Care? Would you like to enhance your established role in EOL care with additional skills and approaches? Would you like to further develop your innate capacity to care for others, release death anxieties, and increase your confidence around entering into intense experiences?

Developed by the The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont, the University of Vermont has partnered with Cabot Creamery Cooperative to launch a fully-online End-of-Life Doula Professional Certificate that will help prepare you to meet the growing demand for end-of-life support as people live longer and the course of the average dying process continues to become increasingly gradual and anticipated.

End-of-Life Doulas complement the care provided by family members and friends, as well as medical, palliative, and hospice professionals, within the settings of hospitals, senior care facilities, and homes. EOL Doulas support clients with individualized, compassionate care in a number of ways, including emotional, spiritual, informational, and physical support, which greatly helps to lower stress levels, aid in comfort, and promote personalized, even positive, dying passages for clients and their loved ones.

Inspired by the farm families of Cabot to benefit the communities in which they live, Cabot Creamery Cooperative recognizes the need to provide skilled doula care to our aging seniors and our neighbors facing the end of life.

Deathcare Roles with Lee Webster and Francesca Arnoldy

The death care field is vast, from hospice staff, funeral directors, End-of-Life Doulas, to home funeral advocates, and more. In this webinar discussion, End-of-Life Doula experts Francesca Arnoldy and Lee Webster talk about the role that Doulas play at the end of life. A brief history and discussion regarding green burials and how the movement has built momentum is also provided.