Developed by the industry’s leading experts of the Digital Marketing Institute and delivered by the University of Vermont’s expert faculty, our globally certified curriculum uses the latest methods, techniques, and tools over our 10-week certificate. We will teach you the essential skills, strategies, and knowledge that you need to become a Social Media Marketing Strategist and gain a competitive advantage for both your business and career.

Weekly Topics/Modules

Week 1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing 

The Introduction to Social Media Marketing module introduces professionals to the key principles and channels in social media marketing, providing you with an overview of how to develop a cohesive and effective social media marketing strategy encompassing them.

Week 2. Content Creation

This module introduces you to the concept of engaging and acquiring customers through the creation and sharing of media content. You will understand the value of social amplification and what makes content shareable within networks.

Week 3. Content Outreach 

The Content Outreach module introduces you to the concept of content seeding and how to use content effectively through social platforms to achieve maximum results from it. You will also understand paid promotion and its value.

Week 4. Facebook 

The Facebook module provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how Facebook can be used most effectively as a platform for community building, brand promotion and content marketing. You will learn how to build a Facebook-specific strategy and how to measure it accordingly.

Week 5. Twitter 

This module dissects how Twitter operates and the potential value it presents as a promotional and marketing platform. By the end of this module you be able to build a Twitter profile for your business and understand how to build your following while incorporating targeting specifics.

Week 6. LinkedIn 

The LinkedIn module gives you a comprehensive overview of the benefits of using the platform for marketing purposes. You will learn LinkedIn-specific features which will help you to facilitate campaign objectives. 

Week 7. Google+ 

Upon completion of this module you will gain an understanding of the benefits of incorporating Google+ into your social media marketing strategy and how to establish both a personal and business Google+ page. You will also know how to leverage platform-specific features to push your brand. The importance of Google Analytics is also illustrated within this module.

Week 8. YouTube 

The YouTube module provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of how YouTube works as content sharing platform. You will learn how to use the platform for a call-to-action and how it can be incorporated into a wider marketing strategy.

Week 9. Future Trends 

This module examines the latest trends in social media and explores new platforms on which you could share your content.

Week 10. Strategy & Planning 

The Strategy & Planning module is the cornerstone module of the program. It ties together the previous modules and introduces the Digital Marketing Institute’s 3i methodology to planning and implementing a social media strategy