Level I = Fundamentals

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate

Level II = Intermediate

Online Social Media Certificate

Online Analytics Certificate

Level III = Advanced

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Strategy and Planning

How do these two Level II Certificate programs differ from the Level I Certificate?

Our Level I Certificate covers all digital marketing channels including SEO, PPC, Web & Marketing Analytics, email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising, and Mobile Marketing. This course demonstrates the relationship between each channel; and is an excellent survey course for those new to the digital marketing field or needing to develop knowledge and breadth across all digital marketing channels.

Online Social Media Certificate and Online Analytics Certificate take a deeper dive in these areas.

How much time should I anticipate to complete Level II Certificates?

Each Certificate program varies somewhat in length. Here are estimated hours for each:

  • Online Social Media Certificate – Course hrs: 20
  • Online Analytics Certificate – Course hrs: 20

How are courses delivered in the two Certificate programs?

The courses are self-paced. There are slight differences between the two Certificates. Learners allocate time each week to their studies and receive support from a personal Knowledge Navigator, or a digital marketing expert. If questions arise, learners can reach out to schedule a block of 15 minutes to receive feedback.

The Online Analytics Certificate is comprised of self-paced courses offered by Mindedge, one of our educational partners. The Online Social Media Certificate is a UVM-designed course. A capstone project is required to apply one’s learning. In addition, simulations are included to help place learners in the role of a digital marketer to apply their learning.

How do simulations contribute to the overall learning experience for all certificate programs?

Digital marketing involves many concepts and marketing channels. It’s one thing to learn terminology and general concepts and another to understand how to apply these as a marketing professional. Simulations for the certificate programs put learners in the role of a marketer, stepping into the role of a decision-maker who drives a digital marketing campaign or analyzing the results of a campaign. Learners access simulations after completing their courses and capstone project.

How is time with a Knowledge Navigator scheduled?

Using Calendly, identify a block of time that the assigned Knowledge Navigator is available. Using Microsoft Teams, connect for a 15 minute block of time to address course content questions.

Is there a limit to how much time a learner has with a Knowledge Navigator?

Time with a Knowledge Navigator is aligned with the length of each certificate program.

  • Online Social Media/Online Analytics – 20 hr certificate programs = 12 hrs. of 1:1 time with Knowledge Navigator

What is the background of all Knowledge Navigators?

All Knowledge Navigators are subject matter experts who are practitioners working professionally as marketers, and who have teaching experience in the digital marketing field. In addition to their knowledge in this field, they all are passionate about teaching others about digital marketing.

What other support do Knowledge Navigators offer?

They are available to address any questions as learners work through course content. In addition, they will reach out to offer support along the learner’s journey. They are invested in the success of each mentee and are here to provide motivational support as well as technical knowledge in digital marketing concepts and practices.

Can all components be completed fully online?

Yes, all self-paced courses, simulations and capstone projects can be completed 100% online.

How long are each of Certificate II programs?

Each certificate is three months in length.

Are there capstone projects for each of these Certification programs?

Yes.  This project will give each learner an opportunity to implement the skills learned in the selected Certificate program Track. With dedicated mentoring session after a review of their work, the goal is to demonstrate knowledge to how to solve a real industry-aligned problems. The project is the final step in the learning path and will help learners to showcase your expertise to employers. 

What happens if studies are not completed in the allotted time?

Learners will have access to the content in Blackboard and to their Knowledge Navigator for 90 days.  They can speak to their Knowledge Navigator if they do not foresee completing on time.

How long will I have access to the course content?

You will have access to the course content 90 days from the date of registration.

How long will I have access to the StuKent Mimic Simulation?

You will have access to your simulation until you complete it.

Can these courses be taken anywhere, including outside the U.S.?

Yes! These courses are 100% online and can be taken anywhere.

Does the tuition rate differ if I am an out-of-state or international student?

The tuition rate is set at $1475 for all students and does not differ based on a student’s residency.

Are materials included? If yes, will they all be housed on the online site?

Yes, all course materials are included in the price and materials can be accessed through the online platform Blackboard.

What is the course environment?

  • Weekly instructor presentations to review previous material, and introduce and explain new material
  • Discussion boards for weekly assignments, along with peer and instructor support
  • Access to course materials (videos, readings, workbooks)

What are the module components?

  • Lecture deck
  • Supplemental readings
  • Discussion posts
  • Assignment
  • Quiz

Do you offer student learning accommodations?

If you are a non-credit student seeking accessibility support, please email access@uvm.edu and the UVM Student Accessibility Services team will be able to assist. In your email, please include that you do not have a 95 number/NetID. 

What is the payment policy for this program?

Payment must be paid in full when you register.

What is the refund policy for this program?

No refund is issued for this program.

Are there any discounts available?


Can I use VA Benefits, military tuition assistance, GI Bill, or VA Fry grant to pay for this course?

No, this course has not been certified for VA benefits. Only the Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate program has been approved for VA benefits.

How will I be graded?

You will be assessed on your participation in the discussion boards, completion of assignments, and comprehension of the course material. Students must successfully participate in 70% of the program in order to receive a Digital Badge. Because this is a non-credit course, there is no transcript.

What is the weekly workload for this course?

We estimate 4-6 hours a week for the course. However, people vary their level of involvement in the course.

Is there a required weekly class time for this course?

Since this course is asynchronous and 100% online, you can work at your own pace.

Are there funding/scholarships available?

Neither federal nor institutional financial aid is available for non-credit professional programs. Consult your State Department of Labor to determine if there are training grants available to support non-credit certificates aimed at career change.

For Vermont Residents: The Vermont Legislature designates a certain amount of grant money every year for Vermont residents who want to pursue education or training beyond high school. These grants are administered through VSAC.

How long will I have access to the course content?

You will have access to the course content for 90 days from the date of registration.