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Digital Marketing and Social Media Promotion in Craft Beer

Offered: Summer

Digital Marketing and Social Media Promotion in Craft Beer Syllabus

Both the marketing landscape, and that of craft beer have evolved significantly over the past decade.  Breweries and their marketing teams need to consider alternative strategies and tactics in order to reach and connect with prospects and consumers.  What worked a few years ago, may not work now, or even a few months from now.  Digital marketing has become a predominant component of many marketing mixes in recent years.  And, now it is critical that multiple marketing channels and disciplines are leveraged together in order to remain relevant to the always on, always connected customer life-cycle.

This online course focuses on introducing the craft beer professional to a breadth of core and emerging digital channels and disciplines. Students will learn the holistic value of creating a clear digital marketing strategy, the tools to support it, and the skills to evaluate and refine it. Understanding the interconnected value of various marketing channels will set you apart from other beer professionals and guide your development as a digital marketing expert within this field.

Participants will

  • Examine key trends within the craft beer/digital marketing landscape
  • Explore the fundamentals of developing a digital marketing strategy as they plan tactics and identify goals.
  • Gain a foundation for planning budgets and tactics from a strategic perspective
  • Recognize SEO as a fundamental building block for online marketing and create an optimization plan.
  • Assess a website’s ability to rank well in terms of SEO
  • Create effective display ads
  • Identify the best places to “place” craft beer ads
  • Examine what paid search is, what it isn’t, and where ads appear
  • Identify typical goals advertisers may have when running paid search campaigns
  • Develop an email and sending strategy
  • Learn about different types of social media and how to maximize the impact of each channel
  • Develop a social media calendar and create a social media budget
  • Identify different types of content, various distribution methods, and evaluate why each one may, or may not, work for their brewery
  • Develop strategies for dealing with negative consumer feedback, and practice using these instances as opportunities for improvement
  • Identify tools and strategies to gather consumer data and monitor online reputation
  • Increase awareness of legalities around advertising and marketing beers and breweries
  • Use analytics to improve their digital marketing strategy


Week 1:  Exploring the Digital Marketing Landscape

Week 2:  Research and Content Evaluation

Week 3:  Planning Your Digital Strategy

Week 4:  Developing Your Strategy and Engaging Your Audience

Week 5:  Testing and Optimizing Your Content

Week 6:  Implementing Your Strategy and Managing Your Content

Week 7:  Analyzing and Evaluating Your Digital Strategy

Week 8:  Identifying Opportunities and The Future of Digital Marketing


Mathiew J. Medeiros, M.B.A.
Marketing Advisor for Revival Brewing

Mathiew’s marketing career began over 10 years ago helping revive the classic New England beer brand, Narragansett Beer. While at Gansett, he met Sean Larkin from Revival Brewing and became fascinated by beer drinkers’ gravitating towards an IPA from one brewery while ignoring an IPA from another brewery. After finishing his M.B.A. from Johnson & Wales, Mathiew joined NAIL Communications where he analyzes media and behavioral data to understand a brand’s target audience, and plans and develops media, content, and communications’ strategies. He then joined Revival Brewing as marketing advisor to assist in the planning and implementing of the brewery’s marketing strategies. Mathiew currently develops digital marketing plans through sales funnel optimization with the goal of customer acquisition for igus, global manufacturer of high-performance plastic components for automation and motion control systems.

Tim Brady
Strategist for Mondo Mediaworks; Lead Brewer and Co-Owner of Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Tim’s diverse experience runs the gamut from marketing to hospitality, tourism, and most recently, alchemy — enhancing his reputation as a knowledgeable source in every industry he enters.

Tim lives in Brattleboro, Vermont, with his wife, business partner, and fellow beer-lover Amy, and their dog, Thor. When he’s not speaking at conferences or strategizing for Mondo clients, he’s concocting the next batch of beer in his downtown micro-brewery, Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery. Tim will be the lead instructor of the social media component in the Digital Marketing and Social Media Promotion in Craft Beer course.

Guest Speakers

Nick Betit, COO, Mondo MediaWorks, Inc. (VT)

Jamie Buscher, Marketing and Community Events, Narrangansett Beer (RI)

BJ Mansuetti, Marketing Manager, Narrangansett Beer (RI)

Matt Quinlan, Director of Operations, Long Trail Brewing Co. (VT)

Michael Semenec, Designer/Animator, NAIL Communications, and Founder/Creative Director of DOSSLVR (RI)

Luke Q. Strafford, CEO, Mondo MediaWorks, Inc. (VT)

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