The University of Vermont Continuing and Distance Education has partnered with world-renowned Stack Education and their high-quality professional certificates to help you earn career-boosting credentials in our Coding Certificate Bootcamp.

The Coding Certificate Bootcamp is an immersive, 18-week course that gives you the technical skills and experience you need to build web apps from start to finish along with the most sought-after communications, innovation, and fundamental skills needed to be successful in the growing world of web development.

During the program, our Professional Acceleration Program will help you take the next step on your unique professional journey, teaching and reinforcing the essential soft skills that will help you get the job you want. Upon graduation from the bootcamp, our career mentors will guide you in your career growth and job search, and help you connect with the right people and companies along the way.

During the Program Students Receive:

  • Individualized and immediate feedback
  • Understanding your unique personal journey
  • Practical know-how and exercises
  • Professional coaching and counseling

After the Program Students Receive:

  • 12 weeks of personalized career counseling
  • Help building and growing your professional network
  • Mentoring