The University of Vermont College of Agriculture and Life Science’s Art and Science of Small-Batch Cheesemaking Professional Certificate is an in-depth, 8-week online program for aspiring and practicing cheesemakers.

This one-of-a-kind program focuses on the production of high-quality, small-scale cheese and provides the scientific foundation and tools needed to problem-solve common situations that cheesemakers face every day.

Throughout the world, Vermont is recognized as a leader in the dairy and cheese industry. Vermont’s landscape has shaped our farms to be small and grass-based with a distinctive farming and production philosophy emerging. This philosophy, reinforced by science, is the foundation of the learning objectives in this program.

UVM’s Professional Certificate program has been created for:

  • Small scale cheesemakers who desire to grow and professionalize
  • Farmers who would like to add cheesemaking to their operation
  • People already working in production at an existing cheesemaking company
  • Serious cheesemaking hobbyists seeking to deepen their knowledge and skill

UVM’s Professional Certificate is designed to:

  • Share the expertise of Vermont’s award-winning cheesemakers about the small-scale, artisan cheese production they’re known for
  • Use case studies and provide valuable tools to help you learn how to develop effective solutions for problems that cheesemakers face every day
  • Help cheesemakers, cheesemongers, and other people working within the food system build knowledge for effective decision-making

Please note that it is expected that students already have a fundamental understanding of how cheese is made prior to taking this course.

If have any questions about UVM’s Art and Science of Small-Batch Cheesemaking Professional Certificate Program, give us a call at 802-656-2085 or fill out the form to the right.