Don’t Take Our Word For It

Developing leaders and growing companies throughout New England and Canada depend on the Center for Leadership and Innovation to provide innovative training programs in a wide variety of topics. We value our students and aim to exceed their expectations. Here’s what a few of our students had to say about our classes:

Professional Certificate in Leadership and Management

Bob_Urtz-150x150“It was so nice to be thoughtfully fed, greeted with entire packets of information and to encounter so many bright instructors. I am glad I attended, I got my money’s worth out of the Certificate in Leadership and Management!” – Carolyn Anderson, Vermont Department of Health Access

Robert Clifford Uerz, R.C.
Uerz and Associates, LLC
Jericho, VT


Bart_Mayer-150x150“Anybody who’s in business needs to continue to learn and acquire new skills. I was seeking a certificate program to continue my education. For me personally, to continue my education, I took programs at the Harvard Business School, and now this program at The University of Vermont.”

Bart Mair
Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services
Springfield, VT


Krista_Shute-150x150“We have a leadership team at work, and as a group we work very closely together. We’d been seeking a leadership program to really bring us together as a team. With the CLI program, we’ve learned to work together in a completely different way”

Krista Shute, Consultant
Shelburne, VT


“I was interested in continuing my professional development and being able to interact with my peers on a continual basis. This program has been great for my needs. The individual classes have been fantastic because they’ve given an overview of the subject matter and then they’ve focused on a strategic level which is what you really need in leadership and management positions.”

Constance Gavin
Burlington, VT


“I cannot say enough great things about the programs you have put together. These programs were exactly what I was seeking in my professional growth at this time. I have been able to take new learning and apply it the very next day at work. This synergy has benefited both me, my organization and our members!”

Allison Sturtevant
Department of Pharmacology, University of Vermont
Leadership & Management Professional Certificate Participant

“I am truly enjoying the seminars, and learning and growing so much. It’s a tremendous, in-depth yet condensed opportunity to expand my skills sets, without being tied down to a 12 week, 3 days a week course. The timing works perfectly for my current career and family situation.”

“The seminar gave me great insight on daily accounting that keeps business afloat. I enjoyed to learn I can do my own accounting!” – Lynette Kimotho, Glamour Talk Limited

“The Strategic Leadership course at the VT Business School is excellent. The instructor, Merryn Rutledge, is exceptional–knowledgeable, engaging, and insightful. I will definitely use skills and frameworks from this course in my professional work” – Participant

“Merryn Rutledge was exceptional in delivering this training, I came away ready to apply new strategies I learned immediately.” – Kim Persons, Vermont Agency of Transportation – Operation Division

“I stretched my capacity and gained so much in return. As Rocky would say, “The juice was worth the squeeze.” My thinking was probed and tickled – the series in its entirety rebooted my enthusiasm for leading with excellence.“ – Carolyn Anderson, State of Vermont Department of Health Access

“David Jones is an extremely knowledgeable and very effective teacher whose obvious passion for this subject matter makes this class both interesting and relevant. In ‘Leading and Motivating Your People’, Jones provides practical and applicable insight on how to get the most out of your workforce. Highly recommended.” – Beth Renaud, Lane Press

Corporate Training Programs

Dave Diederich“Working with UVM to develop an in-house training program produced an outcome that exceeded our expectations.  The UVM Center for Leadership and Innovation’s Corporate Training Division helped us to develop a package and course outline that was both well suited to our needs and affordable.  We can’t say enough good things about our instructor, Joe Candido.  Clearly, Joe has a wealth of real world experience and was able to quickly gain an understanding of our business and relate that experience to our organization.   Joe is also a talented  presenter and did a great job holding our classes attention.  I would definitely recommend partnering with UVM and to meet your organizations professional development needs.

Dave Diederich, Vice President Finance of Hazelett Strip-Casting Corporation
Colchester, VT


“Joe Candido is as good as it gets. He was entertaining as well as informative. His selection of material matched our needs precisely. He demonstrated his message, making it very real to us. There is not a single improvement I could recommend.”

Sally Fegley, Omega Optical, Inc.



“The CLI team’s willingness to learn about our company and meet with the employees is what made the a right fit for us! People really enjoyed the training.”

Heather Stewart, Operations Manager, Lake Champlain Ferries
Burlington, Vermont


“It was a very good session. I have been doing customer service/sales for 20 years and was hesitant about what he could teach me. Admittedly, I did learn quite a bit that I will be able to apply to my work day.”

Participant, Chroma Technology Corporation


“My overall rating of this session is excellent- I thought the training was very interesting and helpful. Joe did a great job keeping the pace moving with interesting stories/examples and humor. Overall it definitely met my expectations.”

Participant, Good News Garage


“The real strengths of this Customer Service/Sales Training included the Instructor’s knowledge, and the content – it was real to “our company” and used anecdotal examples; the instructor was organized and… really kept my interest for an all day workshop, using real work projects… Of all the trainings we’ve done here, I hate to be done with this one the most.”

URMC, Stowe, VT. Project Management Training Program

Professional Certificate in Project Management

“The training was well organized and had a good step by step flow. The instructor was very personable and compelling, he answered questions well and created an open atmosphere for asking questions. The handouts were very helpful, I came away with valuable information. I didn’t feel like ‘some of this applies to me and some doesn’t.’” – Participant, Vermont Public Radio

“There was a good balance between lecturing and class activity. The scenarios used were easy to understand and on target. The class itself was organized well and the instructor kept us on schedule. The instructor was well educated in the material he was presenting and his humor helped keep the material light. Everyone seemed engaged and participated which helped keep the energy high and the class flowing.” -Erin Michaud, CPhT University of Vermont Medical Center

“Bruce Chadbourne was a great instructor! He kept the material interesting and the class fully engaged. I’d take most any class he was teaching.” – David Sanguinette, National Life