Student Testimonials

Graduates of the University of Vermont Business of Craft Beer Certificate program have successfully turned their passion for craft beer into their career.  See what they are saying about the program:

“I’ve really enjoyed the course a lot and have actually been able to translate a lot of what I learn into my new job as a Sales Representative for Mayflower Brewing Company! Loving the journey so far and I am so happy to be in the business!”
– Matthew K. (Business of Craft Beer Program Graduate)
Mayflower Brewing Company, Sales Representative

“I used the program to aid me as I grow my beverage focused consulting business. The idea is to get a deeper dive into the stage of the craft beer industry and overall understanding of operations and the supporting factors for opening, and managing a brewery.”
– Nicole Lamont  (Business of Craft Beer Program Graduate)
Beyond Brewing Consulting, Oregon

“I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of the business side of the craft beer industry and made great connections that have opened up new opportunities.”
– Michael Tysarczyk (Business of Craft Beer Program Graduate)

“I wanted to learn more about the business side of brewing. I am a home brewer and was curious to learn what it would take to start my own business.”
– Madeline Cotter (Business of Craft Beer Program Graduate)

“I’m in the process of developing a regional non-profit brewery model. The knowledge [from the Craft Beer program] has been used to develop a business plan with operation projections (in terms of cost and material management).”
– Darrin Smith (Business of Craft Beer Program Graduate)
Active Radical Brew Lab, Kentucky

“I completed the Craft Beer Fundamentals course and the Digital Marketing course. Both of the courses were excellent and I have gained a vast amount of knowledge in both areas. I plan on taking the Sales course next!”
– Desmond Brennan  (Business of Craft Beer Program Graduate)

“[I enrolled in this program] as a way to increase my value as a candidate for craft beer jobs, especially important since I’m coming at it from another industry. Also as a way to gather information to build a business plan for my own brewery. I plan to obtain a full-time craft job and eventually open my own place with the knowledge/experience gained in this course.”
– Michelle Jackson 
Forster Brewing