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Business of Craft Beer (OLD)

Optional and Free Add On Services

  • Capstone Project (optional, free)
  • Career Coach Support (optional, free, one-on-one advising)
  • Craft Beer Apprenticeships (optional, free)
  • Cicerone®Level 1 or 2 Certifications (optional, free, $200 value)

Capstone Project (Optional 3-week course with Certificate)

Business of Craft Beer Certificate participants complete a culminating 3-week capstone project after the completion of your three certificate courses. This will give you an opportunity to apply your learning to creating a business plan or a product launch plan that will prove useful as you embark on your new career. You will have the opportunity to present your project to our instructor team including craft beer industry leaders for critique and feedback.

Select one of two capstone projects

Craft Brewery Business Plan: Create a comprehensive business plan tying together the knowledge and skills gained from the program. Create a presentation providing an overview of your craft brewery business plan to your team of instructors.

Product Launch Challenge: Create a new product launch plan for an existing brewery, or a fictional brewery. In this challenge select a new craft product for a brewery to add to their portfolio with supporting rationale. This challenge aligns with beer styles, branding, legal, digital media and distribution weeks and will require a comprehensive application of each of these components.

Career Coaching (Online)

Do you need help with landing a new job in the Craft Beer industry? Through one-on-one sessions, our Career Coach is available to guide you through a comprehensive career change strategy to help you launch your dream career.

Our Career Coach can also help you identify and prepare for job or apprenticeship opportunities. UVM does not guarantee job or apprenticeship placement. However, when we receive information from breweries and distributors about opportunities for apprenticeships and job openings, we will pass this information along to participants in our program as well as alumni.

Value Add – Cicerone® Certification Program

We have collaborated with the Cicerone® Certification Program, a recognized leader in providing training and certifications in preparing you to elevate the beer experience for consumers.  When you enroll in our Business of Craft Beer Certificate program, you can choose to enroll in Level 1 or Level 2 at no additional cost.

Level 1 Cicerone® Certified Beer Server ($200 value)

Become knowledgeable about beer service and beer styles through Cicerone’s online BeerSavvy® course, which will prepare you to pass the Certified Beer Server Exam, a recognized industry credential.  The online course takes about 5-10 hours and you can complete it anytime at no additional cost when you are enrolled in the Business of Craft Beer program.

Offered: Anytime while enrolled in our certificate

Level 2 Certified Cicerone® Exam Prep Course Books ($200 value)

You will have access to any 2 of the 4 Certified Cicerone® exam prep books at no additional cost.  Written by Cicerone®, the official course books cover a wide range of material from beer history to brewing techniques and service issues, and will prepare you to pass the industry recognized Cicerone® exam.  Each book also includes six months of access to the online forums and an online quiz to test your knowledge in preparation for the exam.

  • Road to Cicerone: American Course
  • Road to Cicerone: German Course
  • Road to Cicerone: British & Irish Course
  • Road to Cicerone: Keeping & Serving Beer
  • Road to Cicerone: Brewing Ingredients & Process Course

Offered: Anytime while enrolled in our certificate