Are math skills keeping you from your dream job? Return to Math with Confidence.

Many higher wage jobs require a reasonable proficiency in math. Has your previous school experience left you without the confidence and math skills that are required in today’s technology-oriented world? Whether you pursue career change into cyber security, data analytics, health science, or any number of other fields, building a stronger math foundation as part of your portfolio can only open doors. We can help.

Let us demonstrate how a personal Catamount Math Tutor + artificial intelligence = can help you dramatically improve your math skills.

Your Own Math Tutor

For 18 weeks you’ll have a UVM Catamount math tutor provide support throughout your math journey. As you work through your course materials, your tutor will reach out every week to reinforce you in your self-paced study. If you have questions or need assistance just reach out and schedule a meeting with your tutor. You can do this as much or as little as you want over the 18-week time period. It’s that simple.


ALEKS is a web-based learning and assessment system that has been successfully used by millions of students in the U.S. and abroad. ALEKS was developed over several decades by researchers at New York University and The University of California, Irvine (UCI), and is derived from Knowledge Space Theory (“KST”).

Every student has different needs and enters their Math course with varied levels of preparation. ALEKS pinpoints what you already know, what you don’t and, most importantly, what you’re ready to learn next. With ALEKS, your time spent studying is more efficient and effective by continuously offering a selection of only the topics you are ready to learn. ALEKS ensures you have the foundational skills to be successful as the topics continue to build. You won’t waste time on topics you already understand or get frustrated by topics you’re not quite ready for.

  • “I was incredibly nervous going into this class after not taking math for several years. I feel like ALEKS has caught on to all of the things I have needed review on and REALLY makes sure that I am learning them.” – Courtney Provence, Student, Linn-Benton Community College (OR)
  • “The key to ALEKS’ success comes right in this Learning Path. ALEKS is here to help you truly master the concept before introducing more on top of it. If you have trouble with a concept, I would recommend writing down the example problem at the start of each concept in your learning path.” – Justice Dunnett, Student, The University of Toledo