Accelerated Master of Public Health

Admission Requirements

Students must apply for and be accepted to the AMPH program through the standard Graduate College application process. The application and admission process must be finalized prior to the beginning of the student’s senior year. Students must be admitted by the Graduate College before taking any courses that will apply to the master’s degree, i.e., all courses used for the master’s degree must be taken after formal admission to the AMPH. Please note, prior to applying you will need to contact your undergraduate Dean’s office to certify that you can complete all requirements for the undergraduate degree and are eligible for admission to the AMPH program. Students should use this pre-approval form. They will need to submit their approval in writing (or email) to the Public Health program.

Requirements for admission into the Accelerated MPH program include:

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • One semester of college biology or other science course
  • One semester of college algebra, statistics, or a more advanced math course
  • Completion of the Graduate College Application form, which must include at least one letter of recommendation from a UVM faculty member.
  • Personal Statement

Applications Must Include:

  • Three letters of recommendation
  • College transcripts
  • A CV or résumé
  • TOEFL/IELTS scores for international applicants, and in some cases, applicants whose native or first language is not English

All applications must be completed online through the Graduate College.