Precollege Programs Emphasize the Campus Community

campus-communityWhat does your child’s future look like today? For most, if not all high-school students, it’s hard to determine what career they will have in 10 years and the path they need to get there. Fortunately, there are steps both you and your child can take in order to feel confident in the transition from high school to college and the years ahead.

Transition from high school to a campus community with a precollege program

For many of today’s high school students, the thought of preparing for college goes beyond just meeting the academic requirements for admission. In fact, today’s students are looking for new, unique ways to differentiate themselves from other prospective first-year students. The simple truth is that applying to colleges takes more consideration than just the college essay, GPA and standardized-test scores. With a precollege program, your students can simultaneously prepare themselves for campus life and add appeal to their application folders.

A precollege program is an opportunity for your child to make new friends, discover new interests, gain a greater understanding of what college is like firsthand and get a head start on his or her college careers—with the potential of earning college credits in the process. In essence, it’s a chance to ease the transition from high school to college and feel more comfortable with the college lifestyle and campus community.

Gain firsthand experience

For many students, the process of applying to college can be extremely stressful. From exploring options for continuing education to filling out applications and deciding on a major, applying to college is anything but simple. By attending a precollege program, prospective students can alleviate some of that uncertainty. More specifically, students enrolled in a precollege program have the opportunity to explore comprehensive, college-level academics and career-oriented subjects. With this experience, students can make more informed decisions concerning their future and assess their readiness for college-level material.

A growing program with strong potential

Since 2004, The University of Vermont’s precollege program has been instrumental in preparing high-school sophomores, juniors and seniors for college. This precollege program is designed to inspire and educate students through experiential learning while they hone their potential in an academically challenging environment.

According to Beth Taylor-Nolan, assistant dean of UVM Continuing and Distance Education, “As [the] precollege program has grown more robust over the years and we continue to partner with the Office of Admissions on recruitment efforts, we’re seeing a growing number of precollege students matriculate to UVM.” Here, students can use any one of several opportunities to get ahead and grow their potential. For those interested in the UVM program, please inquire.