What Can You Expect from an Online Course at UVM?


Over the past ten years we’ve offered hundreds of online courses to thousands of students. We build expertly designed courses using cutting-edge, research-proven educational tools to ensure your success. We specifically design each course with clear objectives to help you advance toward your educational goals. Additionally, you’ll have access to a supportive network that can connect you with all the services that you would expect from an on-campus course.


The instructors who teach online courses are experts in their field. UVM faculty include groundbreaking researchers and business entrepreneurs who all share a common passion for connecting with students and teaching you the lessons they have learned through years of experience.


We get it—you’re balancing a lot. That’s why we provide accelerated courses to allow you to quickly achieve your academic and professional goals, short courses to help you focus, and free community webinars to keep you engaged with the issues impacting you both locally and globally. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll find that our offerings are designed so that you can learn on your schedule. That means short, digestible topics, extensive access to instructors and materials, and lots of options for discussion and support.


We have a strong focus on accessibility, and we work to ensure that our online students have access to the same types of assistance available to our on-campus students. Tech support is only an email or phone call away, and our instructors and academic coaches ensure that students always receive the highest level of support, no matter what issues they might face.


When you take a course online at UVM, you’ll be interacting with instructors and students who share your interest and passion. You’ll be connected to the campus community as well, with access to an abundance of resources, such as online lectures and events that can enhance your experience. Even after your course or program is finished, we have ways to help you maintain the connections you’ve built, while also helping you to forge new ones. Some of our programs offer social media opportunities to connect, while others have targeted online community sites that welcome new members constantly. You’ll also have access to your course materials for 12 months after you finish the course, which gives you ample opportunity to revisit and reconnect as you move forward.