How Do Online Classes Work?

Online courses (classes that do not require your presence on campus) are offered within our Learning Management System (LMS). All the course-related materials—syllabi, readings, presentations and lecture notes, assignments, discussion boards, tests, and more—are contained and organized within the LMS website.

For an online course, there are no in-person meetings. You do not generally need to log into the class on a specific day or at a specific time each week. However, there are assignments and other activities with due dates, including regular participation and contribution on the discussion boards.

How much work is it?

You can expect to spend 5-20 hours a week on course-related readings, assignments and discussions, depending on the type of course or program you choose. Expectations are clearly communicated on our website and in syllabi so that you can best plan your time.

Where do I ‘go’ for  an online class?

  • Prior to the course start date, you’ll receive a link to the online course space. You will also receive a username and password to log in.
  • When the class starts, you’ll be expected to log in regularly each week to review announcements, digest course materials, participate in online discussions, and complete assignments.
  • When the class ends, you can expect to receive a digital badge or grade via email, and you’ll now be connected to a community of other students who share your passion. Keep in touch—we would love to hear about your experiences!