Getting Started

Thinking about taking an online or hybrid/blended course?

Are you ready to register and enroll in an online or hybrid/blended course?

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Have you already enrolled in an online course?

Now that you’ve enrolled in an online course, take these few short steps to get prepared to learn in an online environment.

Check your Computer: Taking an online course requires that you have regular access to a computer with internet access. Please be sure that your computer can open .pdf documents and that you are able to watch videos online. You may also want to check this list of supported browsers that Blackboard supports.

Log into Blackboard: Blackboard is the Learning Management System where your course is located. On the first day of the course, or a few days before, your instructor will open up the course in Blackboard for you to access. If the course you are enrolled in is not listed in Blackboard, your instructor has not made it available yet. If, on the first day of the class, you still do not see your course listed in Blackboard, we recommend emailing your instructor for access. To access your course you can go to

Check course details and important dates: We recommend that you make note of the deadlines for adding, dropping or withdrawing from an online course. The course details page includes important dates, resources and instructor contact information.

Buy Books: If your online course requires a textbook, you can look up any required books for your course(s) and purchase them online or in person from the UVM Bookstore website. Visit the UVM Bookstore.