Summer Online Teaching Boot Camp!

Course Description

This two-week online Boot Camp is designed specifically for faculty who are new to teaching asynchronous, online courses. In the boot camp, you will learn the nuts and bolts of online course creation, tips and tricks to make Blackboard work for you, and key strategies to make your course dynamic, challenging, and engaging for both you and your students. There are 7 modules over two weeks, each module with its own assignment for you to complete. Each assignment relates directly back to the design and development of your online course.

Faculty who sign up for boot camp have the option to receive a ready-made Blackboard course shell. The course shell gives you a time-saving head start on a course layout and reflects best practices in online course design. Boot Camp provides lots of opportunities to practice your skills while being mentored by our team of instructional designers. The boot camp is fully online and asynchronous.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this Boot Camp, you will be able to:

  • Integrate course design best practices for your online course.
  • Build a course module using appropriate Blackboard tools.
  • Design elements of an interactive and humanized online course.

Required Text and/or Materials

There is no required textbook for this course. All materials will be available within our Blackboard course space.

Other Materials
  • Speakers and microphone: The built-in speaker and microphone in your laptop should be adequate.
  • Headset (optional)

Course Work

The estimated time commitment is 6-8 hours over 2 weeks.

Next Steps

Register using this form: LINK TO REGISTRATION FORM

Teaching Modalities

UVM has multiple teaching modalities. This Online Teaching Boot Camp is specifically focused on preparing faculty to teach asynchronous, online courses. If you are teaching via remote modality, mixed delivery modality or in-person modality, please reach out to the Center for Teaching and Learning for their workshop schedule.

Special Note

Summer Online Teaching Boot Camp is different from the Teaching Effectively Online course offered by CTL (Center for Teaching and Learning). We highly recommend that faculty members register for TEO if time and schedules allow.