Summer Online Teaching Assistant Orientation

Course Description

This orientation is designed specifically for teaching assistants who will be teaching summer courses online. In this orientation, participants will learn how to create an engaging online presence, recognize the mental health aspects of online learning, and develop a working relationship with the faculty member with whom they will be working. The orientation is completely online and self-paced.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this orientation, you should be able to:

  1. Identify ways to create an engaging online presence to promote engagement with your students.
  2. Establish a working relationship with the instructor to clarify roles and responsibilities.
  3. Recognize signs of stress that students may experience in an online course and explore ways of addressing them.


  • Who is this training for?   Summer TAs hired through PACE.
  • Is the training required? Attendance at this orientation will help you navigate online instruction to assure the best experience for our students. Even experienced Teaching Assistants should participate as a means to share expertise with others and ensure baseline competencies across the University. Teaching Assistants who have concerns about participating should contact their Dean’s office.
  • What if I completed the training previously?  There is a new module for 2021 on student mental health in the online course environment.  Previous participants can bypass the existing modules by means of completing a short quiz.
  • Is there a cost to this training?  No, the training is free of charge
  • How long is the training?   The training takes approximately 3-4 hours.
  • How do TAs get enrolled in this training?  When TAs receive their assignment letter, they will receive an emailed invitation to the training for online instruction.