Microsoft Teams Meetings for Non-credit Instructors

What is Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is UVM’s institution-wide product for conducting online meetings.   In this online collaborative communication environment course participants can:

  • schedule meetings, both  on-demand meetings and scheduled meetings with students, guest presenters, or others.
  • chat – asynchronous conversations
  • share  and edit files (in collaboration with others -multiple users editing at the same time)

For Instructors: Leading Online Meetings

Teams basic training for non credit faculty

For instructors who have a UVM NetID and need to lead online meetings, the following pdf describes how to install MS teams and how to schedule and conduct a meeting:

Get started with MS Teams

Conducting a meeting

    • Sharing a Keynote presentation
      • It looks like the only way to present a Keynote presentation is to share your desktop screen. It appears MS Teams does not recognize Keynote as its own window…
      • Sharing a ppt presentation / (see point 3. PowerPoint)
      • How to see the chat when you’re presenting
      • Open Teams on a second screen (if you have one) or download the MS Teams app on your phone/tablet to monitor the chat and questions that way.

Note: If you want students to share their screen, you must give them the presenter role.  Here’s how to change roles for meeting participants:

  • Click the Show participants icon in the meeting controls, select and right-click the person you want to be a presenter in the list, and select Make a presenter

For Guest Lecturers and Students Attending Online Meetings

A UVM staff member or instructor will be starting the meeting.  The following links give you an orientation to joining a Teams meeting as a guest:

Joining a Teams meeting as a guest


MS Teams is supported by the UVM Tech Team